Salvage Title


A salvaged car is one was damaged enough that it would cost more to repair or rebuild the vehicle than what the car is worth. A salvage car has been declared a “total loss” by its insurance company.

Salvage cars cannot be driven on public roads and you may not purchase auto insurance for it as well. However, once a salvage car has been repaired,  it may qualify for a rebuilt title which allows it to be driver, sold and insured.

If your insurance company declares your car a salvage, they will apply for a salvage certificate.

Your insurance company will replace your car or offer you a cash settlement.

In Illinois, you can only keep a totaled car if it’s been damaged by hail but is still safe to drive or if the car is at least 9 years old.

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*Please review your own policy carefully for details on salvage titles. Salvage titles vary by state.