Roadside Assistance Won’t Leave You Stranded

Technology, one day it’s helping us reach the moon, the next it’s taking us to detours on unpassable roads. According to CNN, this is precisely what happened to about 100 unsuspecting drivers in Colorado after Google Maps’ GPS lead them down a detour to avoid traffic. Instead of cutting down the travel times for the motorists, the detour’s road conditions were so bad that some cars could not move, trapping the rest. So what can you do when you find yourself in a situation like this?

Don’t Worry, It’s A Shortcut!

CNN’s report on the incident highlights a key flaw in many GPS systems, they can’t account for unforeseen weather. The detour that Google maps had highlighted for drivers that day was a dirt road, and we know what happens to dirt roads after rain. Since it had rained, the road turned into mud, making driving conditions impossible.

Stuck in the mud? Roadside assistance can help with that!

It’s important to acknowledge that Google intentionally sent these motorists down a dangerous path; the road truly would have cut down commute times. This is an unfortunate case where as amazing as technology can be, it’s not perfect.

Who Ya Gonna Call

Roadside assistance is the perfect service for a situation such as this. If conditions leave you stranded, roadside assistance is there to help with a flat tire or are in need of emergency supplies. When you have roadside assistance with Insurance Navy, it covers you throughout the United States and Canada.

Coverage may include tows, jump-starts, flats, and lock-outs, depending on the policy you choose. If you find yourself needing help most services are 24/7, so day or night you can receive the assistance you need. In addition, if your vehicle is in the repair shop, roadside assistance can reimburse your rental car payment.

Take Home Message

There is no doubt that GPS technology assists millions daily, but no technology is perfect. Errors happen, and for the those who unfortunately get stuck due to an error, it helps to have help. Roadside assistance provides services 24/7 to ensure you are never left stranded. There are plenty of policies to choose from with amazing services and people ready to help.

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