Riverwalk Hours Expanded: What To Do In Chicago This Weekend

Happy Friday Chicagoland! As the weekend begins we thought we would highlight some fun ways to spend your time this weekend in Chicago. Since all of Illinois is under Phase 4 guidelines still, there are plenty of things you can do safely around town.

From the Riverwalk returning to its normal hours to catching a movie at a drive-in theaters, the city does not disappoint. This post will highlight attractions for adults and families alike in the Chicagoland area.

Riverwalk, Run, Drink, Have Fun!

If you are looking to get back to your running routine, or want to relax with a drink along the Chicago river, now’s your chance. Although the Chicago’ Riverwalk has been “open” for a bit now, it has not been the same as pre-coronavirus days.

However, starting today the city has given clearance to vendors to get back to normal hours. The Sun-times reports that the Riverwalk hours return to normal, 6 AM-11 PM, with face covering rules still in place. So, if you want to have fun safely, comply with face covering rules and enjoy your time by the water. 

Lions, Tigers, and Bears

Can you think of a better way to spend a day than at the zoo? Chicagoans are spoiled in the fact that we have two separate zoos to see wildlife from around the world. And with new capacity limits in place, we are extra lucky to have both zoos reopened. Each zoo has face covering and social distancing rules for those attending.

For each zoo, tickets must be secured online at their respective websites. Lincoln Park Zoo has free admission, while Brookfield Zoo has admission fees. Similarly, parking reservations must be made online as well. Lastly, you should carry non-cash payments with you, as Brookfield will not be accepting cash at food or souvenir  vendors. Lincoln Park Zoo will be accepting cash at their vendors. 

Drive-In And Stay Awhile

Since movie theaters have been reluctant to reopen, and for good reason, drive in theaters have popped up everywhere. A few weeks back we highlighted a couple drive-in theaters both in the city and suburbs. Since then, numerous drive-in theaters or outdoor theaters have popped up. 

Drive-in theaters and outdoor theater’s give people a different kind of movie experience that is fresh and fun. For a complete list of drive in theaters in the area, check out this Chicago Tribune article. 

Just A Night On The Town

For those just looking to spend their weekend at bars or restaurants, be aware of the city’s changes. In an effort to contain spreading, Chicago bars and restaurants must close prior to midnight.

This rule applies for only those restaurants and bars that serve alcoholic beverages, and does not affect carry-out or food delivery. To-go drinks are subject to a 9 PM curfew. The Riverwalk hours of operation reflect this change, as stated earlier.