Frequently Asked Questions


What is rideshare insurance?

A type of coverage that insures rideshare drivers when the companies do not. For instance, you can add rideshare insurance as an endorsement to a current policy or bought as a separate policy.

Am I required to get rideshare insurance?

There is a significant time frame where rideshare drivers are completely uninsured. This insurance should still be a top priority for drivers, though it’s not required.

How much does rideshare insurance cost?

These insurance rates depend on the same factors that determine regular auto insurance.

Where do I get rideshare insurance?

You can buy rideshare insurance with Insurance Navy. For instance, at our offices, over the phone, mobile app, and also online.

Why is rideshare insurance so important?

Uber insurance only covers rideshare drivers when they’re linked to a passenger. Period one is the time frame a rideshare driver spends searching or waiting for a passenger. Rideshare companies and personal car insurance unfortunately will not cover this time.

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*Please review your own policy for details on rideshare insurance. Rideshare insurance coverage varies by contract.