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How do You Reset The Oil Light on a Honda Accord?

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Answered On Dec 15, 2022

· Answered On Dec 15, 2022

After pulling out of an oil change shop, you may notice that the oil change light on the dashboard hasn’t turned off, perhaps. This can be an indicator of another issue with your car’s oil. 

The oil light can’t be reset manually –that is the oil life light. The oil life light is more or less an estimate of when you need an oil change that is reset by the oil change shops. If it’s still on, they may have forgotten to turn it off. 

The oil light, on the other hand, can mean that there is another problem with your Honda Accord’s oil than just quantity. There may be a leak or low-pressure issues that should be brought to a mechanic’s attention immediately. 

You do have the ability to reset your Honda Accord’s oil life light by doing the following:

  • Turn the car on 
  • The trip button will illuminate to the right 
  • Push it up to four times and select the oil life option 
  • Press and hold the button now for 10 seconds
  • When the light flashes, the button should be released
  • Hold the button for five more seconds to reset the oil life 

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