How To: Prepare Your Home For a Storm

Massive Storm in 2016

This Monday, Northern Illinois was hit with tornados and a major storm. Many were left guessing what to do when a tornado hits. In order to prepare your home for a storm, it is imperative to take precaution. Though they are common in the Midwest, Chicago itself does not experience them too often. At Insurance Navy, we make sure our customers are prepared if a disaster occurs. The following are some tips and ways you can protect you and your belongings:

What You Can Do At Home

Keeping up with weather updates is a good idea when trying to figure out how to prepare your home for a storm. Making sure you eliminate what is preventable can go a long way for avoiding a serious blow. Before the storm, it is important to remove any limbs or branches that could potentially cause damage to your home’s exterior or puncture a window. Moving any outside furniture or decorations to a safer place inside can also help avoid any breakage.

Stock an emergency kit in your home. In case your power goes out or you are unable to leave your home, it is important to have a back up. An emergency kit can include: water, food, battery-powered flashlights, first aid kit, and a radio. Experts say to get supplies for at least 3 days. 

Costly damages can be prevented with the right coverage. The purchase of Homeowners or Renters insurance for your property can help the damages. These are two different types of insurance but each are good to have to protect your belongings. 

How To Help the Unpredictable

Homeowners insurance is a policy that covers property damage and liability. When it comes to tornadoes, most policies come with dwelling coverage. This helps pay to repair or rebuild your property. Personal property coverage may help repair or replace damaged belongings inside the property. 

Renters insurance can protect renters from having to pay for the harm caused by a storm. Most policies cover wind damage and personal property. According to the Insurance Research Council, only 43% of renters get insurance. In order to avoid the responsibility, it is better to invest in a policy that is right for you and your home.

Both of these policies are available at Insurance Navy. Make sure you are protected and ready. Contact us today to get your quote!