Point Brake: Noticing Common Signs Of Brake Pad Wear & Tear

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Affordable auto insurance isn’t the only thing you need to worry about when owning a car. Keeping an eye on brake pads is easy to forget, many drivers are unaware they should even be doing it. However, it can help you save time, stress, and money in the future.
If you don’t know what a brake pad is, it’s simply the part of your car which applies pressure to your wheels when you hit the break pedal in your car. Essentially, it’s what causes your car to slow down. As you can understand, all that friction can eventually wear your brake pads down over time. 
Insurance Navy Auto Insurance Point Brake Noticing Common Signs Of Brake Pad Wear And Tear

Brake Pads 101

You may think that the time in which your brake pads should undergo inspection depends on how often you drive and for how many miles. However, that’s not the case. It’s actually the type of road you drive on, more specifically the location of that road, which causes this timetable to fluctuate. 
For instance, if you drive 20,000 miles daily along one of Illinois’ many open roads that cut through the open farmland, you will most likely have to get your brake pads checked less often than someone who drives half that distance within the crowded city streets of downtown Chicago. This is because these crowded city streets result in more situations in which you’ll have to use your brakes, as opposed to the empty, open road of the countryside. 
That being said, the tricky thing with brake pads is that there isn’t really a standard time limit in which you need to have them checked. However, has a very clever solution to this problem. Your car’s tires should be rotated every six months, and it’s during this process that you should also have the professionals rotating your tires check the quality of your brake pads. 
Now that you know a bit more about brake pads, you’re probably wondering how exactly to be aware of brake pad problems if something happens between your visits to the dealership or auto shop. Check out the easy-to-spot factors below so you can be more aware of potential issues. 
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1. Shaking/Vibrating Brake Pedal

A dog shaking his fur to clean himself is undeniably adorable but when your brake pedal shakes, it can be a tad less heartwarming. If your brake pedal shakes or pulsates abnormally, this is a common indicator of brake pad issues.

However, there are times in which a shakey brake pedal is normal. To identify whether or not your shaking is someting to worry about, take a closer look at the pedal. More specifically, if your brake shakes from you applying minimal prssure, a professional may need to take a look at it. 

2. Sensors

Some vehicles, though not all, have sensors built into the wheel to indicate when your brake pads are due for an update. Sometimes this will come in the form of a symbol lighting up on your dashboard, or in the form of noticeably out-of-place screeching sounds.

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3. Strange Sounds

If you hear a sound emanating from your tires when you brake that causes you to think “Well, that doesn’t sound great”, it’s probably a good time to get those brake pads inspected. These odd sounds could be any number of things, one of them being worn brake pads. Either way, it’s good to get your car checked out if it’s acting strange. 

4. Breaking Distance

There are other ways to notice signs of brake pad wear-and-tear other than just abnormal sounds or dashboard indicators. Take notice of your car’s actual performance, such as its braking distance. If you notice something different about your car’s braking distance, then this could be a sign of brake pad problems.

5. Brake Pedal Resistance

Another simple thing to notice is how far your foot hits the floor when you brake. If you’re braking and suddenly feel as though your brake pedal is going down farther than normal, this could also be a sign of bad brake pads.

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More Information – Affordable Auto Insurance

Not everybody knows the signs to look for regarding your brake pad quality. But, now you do, so you won’t be caught off guard by another thing you have to fix when visiting your car dealerships or wherever it is you go to have work done on your car.

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