New Uber Saftey Features

The popular rideshare app, Uber, has announced a new safety feature for both drivers and passengers. Over the course of its existence, ride-share apps like Uber and Lyft seem to be in the headlines for the activities of their drivers and passengers. Much of this activity has involved sexual misconduct, murder, and other crimes, with little preventative action. Now, Uber stepped up with better tools to keep passengers and drivers safe from pick up to drop off.  

Ride Check

Awhile back, Uber designated a feature that would allow emergency services to be contacted if the rider did not feel safe. It acted as a panic button for passengers but did not go far enough. So, the company decided to find better solutions, such as the Ride Check. This feature detects long delays during rides and asks both passenger and driver about the delay. If this was a planned stop or traffic jam, then the passenger and driver can respond accordingly so emergency services are not contacted. 

Masking Locations

Additionally, the way a potential passenger puts in a pick-up/drop-off location will see some changes. Uber will let passenger input cross-streets as pick up locations and the app will not track exact drop-off/pick-up locations anymore. There had been reports of drivers saving certain passenger details in the past, so the company wants to curb that behavior as much as possible. 

Keeping Loved Ones In The Loop

While keeping passengers safe is important, so is keeping the driver safe. When people sign up to drive, they are putting themselves at risk by picking up complete strangers. This is a cause for concern with the driver’s loved ones since drivers have been robbed in the past. But the app now allows drivers to share their location with loved ones while keeping passenger information private. 

Rideshare Insurance

If you considered driving for Uber before, or currently drive for one of the rideshare services, look into ride-share insurance. Ride-share insurance protects your car when your rideshare coverage does not. Rideshare insurance protects you so you do not lose access to your source of income.

More Information

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