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Indoor And Outdoor Motorcycle Storage Options

Motorcycle season may not be year-round for you, depending on the area you live in. In the winter, the roads may become icy as the snow falls. If your area is subject to a lot of rain and storms during a certain time of the year, you may prefer to use your car over your bike. At the same time, you’ll also want your motorcycle to stay dry and in working order while not in use. Fortunately, there are several storage options available for your motorcycle -both indoors and outdoors. Every method has its own advantages and costs, so you can weigh your options and find the best way fit for your motorcycle and budget.

Is it Better to Store Your Motorcycle Indoors or Outdoors?

Indoor and outdoor storage can have significant differences in some cases, especially based on location. Indoor storage locations for motorcycles may require an ordinance in order to be built if they’re not part of your home’s structure like a shed or garage. Inversely, outdoor storage space is easily accessible and perhaps the least costly option. At the same time, your motorcycle may be more susceptible to damages out in the open like so. This post aims to address and evaluate all the available options you have for storing your motorcycle.

Indoor Motorcycle Storage Types And Space

Let’s start with the different types of indoor storage you can get for your motorcycle. These can be attached or detached structures to your home or on your property. You may even be able to create a whole new structure or shed if you desire.

The following are viable options for indoor motorcycle storage:

  • Motorcycle shed - Sheds designed specifically for motorcycles are a good option because they are built for bikes, which are six to eight feet in storage space. They come in both pre-built and DIY styles; the former is the more expensive option. At the same time, you may be required to get approval from the city or local homeowners association before building one on your property. A secure lock should also be bought in anticipation of your new storage shed.
  • Motorcycle or vehicle trailer - You can go the trailer route rather than the shed route by buying a towing trailer to keep in your driveway. Trailers are stronger when it comes to weather conditions than a shed. They are also mobile. However, a trailer can be expensive and may require approval from your homeowners’ association. It also helps to make sure all your motorcycle fluids are topped off before storing. Trickle chargers for the battery are also a necessity when storing your motorcycle in a trailer. Always remember to make sure you have a secure lock for your trailer to deter theft.
  • Inside garage - The most convenient way to store your motorcycle is to simply keep it in your garage. It’s also one of the most cost-effective ways. Insurance providers who specialize in motorcycle coverage recommend keeping it in your garage as it poses the least amount of risk. A garage is also the best place if you want to keep your bike charging overnight. The only ill effect this can have on your motorcycle is it will have more space in your garage. Naturally, you’ll still have to regularly check the motorcycle to see if it’s free of dust and pests from being in the garage.
  • Inside a storage unit - If you are unable to keep your motorcycle at home, then there are plenty of facilities that specialize in renting storage units. There are specific places where they specialize in vehicle storage, and a good number of their customers are riders. The security features they offer include surveillance and gates. Storage spaces are also operated with climate control. Note that indoor storage costs more than outdoor. At the same time, be wary of the electronic parts of your motorcycle when placing it in long-term storage.

Outdoor Motorcycle Storage Types and Space

Inversely, there are also several storage methods wherein you can park your motorcycle in a secured location outside and then hop on whenever you are ready for a ride. These can be on your property or someone else’s. A lot of times, motorcycle owners choose something like their own driveway because there are no storage fees. Sometimes, outside is also simply easier.

Some examples of outside motorcycle storage methods include:

  • In-home driveway - The outdoor space that you have should always be the first thing you should check for motorcycle storage space. It’s always accessible, where you can see it regularly, and lacks storage fees, as discussed previously. The only con is the weather conditions your motorcycle may be subject to if. Buying something like a weatherproof cover and wheel lock are some wise choices.
  • With a collapsible motorcycle shelter - Another affordable option for motorcycle riders is a collapsible shelter. These come in multiple sizes and can be set up nearly anywhere on your property -it’s partly portable, after all. Collapsible shelters don’t have too many security measures, so purchasing a wheel lock or brake lock can be beneficial. Lastly, the weather protection collapsible shelters offer is limited. They will, at least, keep your motorcycle dry if it rains.
  • Outdoor storage facility - Storage facilities offer outdoor options for vehicles. This makes them prime candidates for motorcycle safekeeping. Outdoor storage is cheaper than indoor storage and may even offer spots with a covering or an awning. You can also enjoy the security measures the facility offers, like surveillance and locked gates. Due to the fact that long-term outdoor storage comes with more risks, most motorcycle owners use outdoor storage for the short term.

How Much Does a Motorcycle Shed And Storage Unit Cost?

With all your options, there’s probably the question of how much a storage shed or unit will cost to keep your motorcycle in. We initially discussed motorcycle storage sheds -prebuilt and DIY. Prebuilt sheds can cost upwards of $90, depending on the material you choose. If you’re going to the DIY route, then you pay for the materials yourself from a hardware store. A storage unit, on the other hand, is a monthly charge. A small unit can cost around $45 to $55 a month, while a larger one would be around $60 to $70.

What Are Other Methods For Keeping Your Motorcycle?

Some lesser-known options for storing your motorcycle include renting a spot on a neighbor’s property or purchasing a motorcycle lift. While it may seem random to ask a neighbor if you can rent storage space from them, there are actually websites and forums where you can see who is offering extra property space as storage. By plugging in your address, you can see some individuals offering space near you. A motorcycle lift is a device that hoists your motorcycle along the side of your garage wall. This is a good way to save floor space. These lifts can cost anywhere from $560 to $1,500 and can either be built by yourself or installed by others.

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