Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas 2020

The holidays season is here, which means people are out gift shopping, or shopping online, for loved ones. However, this year’s festivities will look awfully different from year’s past, making gift shopping it bit more difficult. Instead of relying on the trusty gift card or tickets to a festival/concert, you may have to think outside the box this year. This blog will go over some last minute holiday gift ideas for 2020. 

Gaming Consoles

Virtual Connection Devices

Supporting Your Remote Worker/Learner

It all starts with figuring out what someone needs this year, but also what can they do? Pandemic shut-downs have made it harder to feel reassured that certain things will be back in 2021. So, you should buy gifts based on what we can do now, because for all we know things may not be so different in the next year. OK, maybe that’s a little grim, but it is true nonetheless. 

game consoles make a great holiday gift for people of all ages.

Gaming Consoles

While video games may seem childish to older generations, they are quite popular among adults. This makes gaming consoles, such as the XBOX Series X or the PS5,a perfect holiday gift for 2020. 

Each of the consoles costs nearly the same, however, the XBOX Series console has two versions. One version costs about $200 less, making it a more economical option. The other comes with more storage space for your games and other content.

What makes this such a great gift this year is the fact that so many people have found themselves indoors this past year. Since we do not know how much longer COVID-19 will be around, having some home entertainment does not hurt. 

Virtual Connecting Devices

Since health officials continue to ask that people to not gather for the holidays, then a device capable of making video calls would make a perfect gift. While just about everyone has a phone, talking on the phone is not comparable to seeing the person you are talking with. 

Buying a device capable of video calling for someone  who feels isolated right now may help them feel more connected. If you are looking for a helpful list of devices that can make video calls and more, here is a link.

On top of being a great gift for those feeling isolated, a virtual connecting device may be just what a student needs. With the amount of remote learning happening over this past year, a reliable device may be necessary. 

remote workers and learners would appreciate a the gift of relief for their eyes and back this holiday season.

Support Your Remote Worker/Learner

Yet another change that came with COVID-19 was remote learning and working. Most people were caught off guard, meaning they did not have a proper set-up at home already. So, what would make a great holiday gift for someone doing remote work? Anything to make them more comfortable.

 First, think about what they will be doing most of the time, which is sitting down and staring at a screen. Sitting for long periods of time can lead to back problems, and too much screen time can lead to eye strain. So right off the bat, you have two great gift ideas for those doing remote work.

Earlier this year I wrote a blog about digital eye strain, and how blue light glasses may prevent it. You can find a decent pair of non prescription blue light glasses for a good price, while prescription ones will cost you more.  

Additionally, as said before, sitting all day can put a strain on your back, especially if your chair lacks support. For back support, a great gift idea is a pillow or cushions made specifically for sitting for long periods of time. The Balance created a helpful list of brands to choose from and varying product types and prices.