Lakefront Restaurants Now Open, Beaches Remain Closed

Well Chicago, it would seem that the city’s Lakefront beaches will remain closed for now. However, the restaurants along the Lakefront, which the pandemic forced closed, finally got the clearance to open.

As you may know, the Lakefront trails opened in June to exercisers while the beach and restaurants remained closed. Chicagoans can now enjoy a nice meal and drink along the Lakefront. This post will go over details about rules regarding the Lakefront reopening.  

Lakefront Restaurants & Cafes

According to the Sun-times, Mayor Lightfoot has allowed Chicago’s Lakefront Restaurants to reopen starting today, August 7th. While this is a positive sign for businesses, it comes very late into the summer season.

Despite the late start, many Chicagoans are thrilled to know they can revisit some of their favorite spots on the Lakefront. Of course with the reopening comes rules and regulations. One such rule is keeping folks off the beaches, as the mayor has asked that restaurant owners help.

No Parking? No Problem

Although Lakefront restaurants have the OK to open, parking lots along the Lakefront will remain closed with the beaches. So if you were planning on making your way there this weekend, driving is not your best option. Luckily, Chicagoans have plenty of options such as walking, riding a bike, taking a rideshare, or even a shuttle. One restaurant, Reggies On The Beach, will have shuttle service from it’s South Loop location to the beach. 

Stay Responsible Chicago!

So, if you plan on heading to the Lakefront for some fun in the sun, please do so responsibly. If people ignore rules and guidelines, such as staying off the beach, the Lakefront’s restaurants and cafes will surely close again. If you plan on driving there, remember that the lots remain closed right now. Take advantage of shuttle services, rideshares, bikes, or other public transportation especially if you plan on drinking.