Most Reliable Car Brands According to J.D. Power

Recently J.D. Power and Associates put together a list of the most reliable car brands of 2019. J.D. Power surveys consumer’s about specific brands and their products to ensure people are satisfied with what they buy. So, when looking at car reliability, J.D. Power asks consumers what, if any, problems they have run into while using the vehicle. It’s important that consumers report issues so that future consumers can have an idea of what they are getting into. And when it comes to cars, being reliable is a must. This aim of this post will be going over the ways car reliability is measured and the J.D. Power list.

What Is Vehicle Reliability

Vehicle reliability is determined by how the vehicle holds up over time, and the chances the owner will run into problems with it. Before buying or leasing any car, it would help to know how reliable it will be in the future. This is especially true for people who plan on buying and holding onto a car for a long period of time. If you are a person who drives a lot, then your vehicle needs to be operational whenever you need it. So for those interested in finding the most reliable vehicles, some helpful resources such as Consumer Reports, Kelly Blue Book, and J.D. Power and Associates. 

What Determines Car Reliability

As highlighted in an earlier post found here, J.D. Power measures car reliability based on multiple consumer surveys over time. Instead of taking each vehicle into some lab to run performance tests, J.D. Power asks for consumer feedback. First, they ask consumers about any issues after the first 90 days. Then, after about a 3 year period, they ask consumers again about any issues the car had over time. On top of those surveys, the vehicle’s brand’s rating also factors into the final score. This means that J.D. Power considers a car brand’s track-record before assigning a score to a specific vehicle. 

J.D. Power’s List Of Most Reliable Car Brands 2019

Before we get to the list about car reliability, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. The car brands below are being judged based on their track record, and the first 90-day survey. Additionally, overall vehicle quality did not change from 2018-2019, which has not happened since 2014. Another important note to remember companies have multiple brands. For instance, the Hyundai car group has 3 brands all within the top 3 spots. Also, keep in mind that certain brands are more popular among consumers than others. For example, the Genesis brand ranks first, but certainly not as popular as a Ford or a Toyota. Finally, as a way to get an understanding of the numbers below, the industry average is 93 problems per 100 cars. 

TIED At #10

Toyota – 90 problems per 100 cars

Dodge – 90 problems per 100 cars

Lexus – 90 problems per 100 cars

#7 Nissan – 86 problems per 100 car

#6 Chevrolet – 85 problems per 100

Ford finished in the top 5 for car reliability

#5 Lincoln – 84 problems per 100

#4 Ford – 83 problems per 100

#3 Hyundai – 71 problems per 100

#2 Kia – 70 problems per 100

#1 Genesis – 63 problems per 100

Take-Home Message

While no perfect car brand or company exists, some of them are certainly better than others. According to J.D. Power and Associates, the brand with the best car reliability of 2019 is Genisis. As mentioned before, most car companies have multiple brands that range from economy to luxury. For example, Hyundai, which comes in at #3, actually owns Kia and Genisis. So essentially the Hyundai car family has the most reliable vehicles in 2019. This does not mean other car brands are not reliable, it just means these brands have had the best feedback from consumers. Before buying a vehicle, you should check the brand and model reliability on either J.D. Power, Consumer Reports, or Kelly Blue Book.