Home Value

An insurance company will cover the cost of your home’s replacement in the event of a complete loss caused by perils covered under your homeowners insurance policy. Most policies also cover detached structures such as garages and tool sheds.

Your insurance provider will determine the cost to replace your home. This is not the same as market value and often, the numbers are not the same. However, some companies offer guaranteed home value coverage. This means if the cost to rebuild your home is higher than the estimated cost, the insurance company will cover the difference.

A standard policy will not pay for damage caused by a flood, earthquake or routine wear and tear.

To make sure your home is insured for the proper value:

  • Provide your insurance agent with detailed information about the size and features of your home.
  • Review your homeowners policy once a year to make sure your coverage is keeping up with inflation.
  • Increase your coverage when you remodel or make significant changes to your home. Remodeling usually increases the value of a house. Any renovation that increases the property’s value is also likely to increase the insurance premium.

More Information

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*Please review your own policy carefully for details on homeowner’s insurance. Homeowners insurance varies by insurance company and policy.