Homeowner Insurance Optional Endorsements

Firstly, some perils occur often or are prone to certain areas. So, companies tend to exclude them from coverage. In other words, a standard homeowner’s policy does not include events like this. You would have to buy optional endorsements for additional coverage.

Basic coverage excludes losses from these events:

  • Flood.
  • Earthquakes.
  • Pollution.
  • Intentional damage.
  • Wear and tear.
  • Construction defects.
  • Frozen pipes.
  • Vandalism.

Adding extra endorsements to a homeowner’s policy may increase your premium. However, they are worth the added costs. Here are some optional endorsements that you can add to a basic homeowners insurance policy:

Water Back-Up And Sump Discharge Coverage

This type of coverage covers damage caused by a blocked drainpipe. It also protects from a failed sump pump.

Guaranteed Replacement Costs

This pays to rebuild your home completely. As well as the costs that surpass your policy limits.

Identity Fraud Expense

This home insurance endorsement pays for losses due to identity fraud. As well as any legal fees. Identity fraud happens if someone steals personal information and uses it without consent. This includes credit cards and social security numbers.

Personal Injury

This ensures claims of any personal injury. It also includes any injuries that can result from the following:

  • False arrest.
  • Wrongful eviction or entry.
  • Invasion of privacy.
  • Slander and defamation.

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*Please review your own policy for details on homeowners insurance. Homeowner’s insurance varies by the insurance company and policy.