Homeowner Insurance Forms

Firstly, Insurance Navy exists to make any affordable homeowners insurance process as easy for you as possible. That’s why Insurance Navy has created this list of homeowner forms you should know about. Keep reading to learn about homeowner forms, as well as other ways to contact us.


This is the most basic form of home insurance policy available. It only covers perils that are specifically named. Some mortgage companies do not consider these to be enough. If that is the case you will need additional endorsements.

The perils covered are:

  1. Fire and lightning.
  2. Windstorm
  3. Riots.
  4. Aircraft.
  5. Vehicles (unless caused by the insured).
  6. Smoke.
  7. Vandalism.
  8. Theft.
  9. Volcanic eruption.


These cover the property’s structure and the contents inside it. It also ensures the ten perils covered in HO-1 policies and these six:

  1. Falling objects.
  2. Weight of ice, snow, or sleet.
  3. Accidental discharge or overflow of water or stream.
  4. Sudden & accidental tearing apart, cracking, burning, or bulging.
  5. Freezing.
  6. Sudden & accidental damage from artificially generated electrical current.


HO-3 is the most common homeowner’s insurance policy. This is because it protects against all perils except those excluded.


These are renters insurance policies. Moreover, this is a basic renters insurance policy and it ensures the content within the property. It does not insure the property itself. Lastly, these only cover specific perils named within them.


In these policies, all risks are on an open perils basis. Unless it is excluded from the policy, your belongings are protected. This is a more broad form of homeowner insurance.


These are insurance policies for condominiums and co-ops. They are also known as walls-in coverage because they only protect the individual unit.


With this policy, a homeowner’s insurance company provides HO-3 coverage for mobile homes.


These policies are for homes whose repair costs exceed their market values. The policies are named peril policies and generally exclude a replacement cost option.

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