Homeowner Insurance Discounts

The best way to save money on home insurance premiums is to shop around for the best deal. To make sure you get the most competitive rates, Insurance Navy will shop around and compare prices from multiple insurance providers. So, keep reading to learn more about homeowner discounts and how they can help you protect your home today.

Another simple way to save money on home insurance is by making the insured property more resistant to disasters, for instance, by securing an impact-resistant roof. You may qualify for discounts if you have the following:

Fire Alarm

The faster a homeowner becomes aware of a fire, the less damage your home is likely to suffer. Living in close proximity to a local fire department can also help you qualify for home insurance discounts.

Burglar Alarm

According to Zacks, a burglary happens every 18 seconds in the U.S. with an average loss of $2,251. Burglar alarms, which deters thieves, can help a homeowner save up to 20 percent on their insurance premiums.

Prior Insurance

Having a good health insurance history may also help homeowners save on insurance. Homeowners with gaps in coverage are a bigger risk for insurance companies and may have trouble getting their homes insured.

Loss Free

The longer homeowners remain claim-free, the more money they can save on their homeowner’s premium.


Your home and car are probably your most valuable assets, at least monetarily speaking. Insurance companies let you bundle both policies for a discounted price.

More Information 

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*Please review your own policy carefully for details on homeowner’s insurance. What homeowners insurance companies offer varies by state, the insurance company, and policy.