Homeowner Insurance Billing

Nobody likes to think about the amount of money they have to pay on an upcoming bill but sometimes it’s a necessary cost. A homeowner’s insurance premium is paid depending on the type of loan issued on the property, as long as there is one. Whether you work at home or simply use it for your everyday living purposes, keep reading to learn about the key aspects of homeowner insurance billing.


Policyholders must have an escrow account for a few reasons. For instance, if they have an FHA loan, a higher-priced mortgage home, or a Veterans Administration (VA) loan. You can add monthly insurance payments to a mortgage check. 

However, most lenders actually prefer insurance premiums paid out of your escrow account. This is to ensure a protected investment. If you have an escrow account, it is the lender’s responsibility to pay all of your tax bills in a timely fashion.

Agency Or Direct

It is possible to separate your homeowner’s insurance from your mortgage payment. It depends on your lender and the amount financed. If there is no escrow, you may pay the insurance agency or insurance provider directly. This option is also available for policyholders without a mortgage.

More Information

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*Please review your own policy for details on home insurance. Homeowner’s insurance coverage varies by the homeowners’ insurance company and policy.