Commercial Auto Insurance Specialty Coverage

If you have commercial auto insurance, you may want to look into specialty coverage. But, that’s why Insurance Navy exists. We’re here to help you with any commercial vehicle insurance needs. So, we’ve made this list of information on specialty coverage, to inform you.

Non-Owned Car

If business employees use personal cars for business-related errands, this is a valuable coverage option for a company. It also provides liability insurance. This is for employees involved in a car accident. Limits for non-owned car coverage are the same as the liability coverage limits on an auto insurance policy.

Any Auto

This provides liability insurance. Additionally, this is for hired cars and non-owned cars. If you want to buy any auto coverage, the policyholder cannot have Hired Auto or Non-Owned coverage. This coverage does not provide comprehensive or collision coverage.

Hired Auto

If a business uses a car for business purposes and it’s not listed on the commercial auto policy, hired auto coverage may be necessary for liability protection. However, to buy Hired Auto coverage, the policyholder must have liability commercial auto insurance. For instance, the limits for hired auto coverage are the same as the liability limits on the auto policy.

Drive Other Car

This is useful in a few cases. Such as, if employees or small business owners need to borrow, rent or lease a car for business purposes. Because it extends the coverage on a commercial auto policy to those cars. The limits for Drive Other Car coverage are the same as the limits on the policy.

Single Deductible Endorsement

This is a free endorsement. It is automatically added to a commercial auto policy. It also protects policyholders. As long as they are in an accident, which requires a payment to multiple deductibles. With this endorsement, policyholders only pay the highest deductible. However, the insurance provider covers the others.

More Information

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*Please review your own policy carefully for details on your commercial auto coverage. Coverage options vary by policy and provider.