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Owning a classic car is much more than just a hobby or occasional pleasure. A classic or collector car is a source of pride. Nothing can compare to the feeling you get driving down the street knowing all eyes are on you. Unlike traditional cars, antique cars hold and may even appreciate in value. Insurance Navy offers antique auto insurance in the market with affordable premiums. So, keep reading to learn more about classic car insurance.

Liability insurance is a requirement for all cars, including antique and classic cars. Having liability insurance protects you from financial losses that may result from a car accident and keeps you in compliance with state law. 

A classic car is not a typical car. Collision and comprehensive endorsements can especially guarantee a classic car has full protection.

Owning a classic car is not just a hobby but also an investment. For this reason, we offer guaranteed value coverage to insure your classic’s real value. We offer stock original replacement parts when they are available. We also have our specialists search for rare pieces.

Since classic cars are not driven as frequently as traditional cars, drivers are less likely to have an accident. This makes classic car insurance more economical than a personal auto insurance policy. Antique car insurance rates are based on the same factors that affect traditional car insurance policies. These include the driver’s age, gender, marital status, type of car, etc.

What is the fun of owning a classic car if you cannot drive it? Our classic car insurance allows car owners to participate in classic car events, exhibitions, tours, and occasional everyday driving.

What Makes A Car A Classic?

To be insured under our classic car policies, your car must be considered a “fun-to-drive” car that retains or appreciates in value. The car may not be used for daily driving, must be kept in working condition and be stored in a garage.

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Lastly, we also have blogs that may help you with any questions you have. For instance, our blogs cover many different topics. From how to keep your car cool in the summer, to whether or not an antique automobile is a good investment.

*Please review your own policy carefully for details on your classic insurance coverage. Coverage options vary by insurance companies and their policies.

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