A Guide To Important Motorcycle Gear For First-Time Riders

Insurance Navy Auto Insurance A Guide To Important Motorcycle Gear For First-Time Riders

Riding a motorcycle is undeniably exhilarating. Likewise, it’s undeniably dangerous. Even the most experienced and skilled riders need protection out on the road. We’ve put together this gear list to make sure that you’re ready for your first, or simply next ride on a motorcycle. That way, you’ll have all the gear you need to have a fun, safe time. Listen, I know I sound like your grandmother right now but this stuff is critical to know. So, take a look at our important motorcycle gear guide for first-time riders.

Insurance Navy Auto Insurance A Guide To Important Motorcycle Gear For First-Time Riders Helmet


The first and most important piece of gear for motorcycle riders is the helmet. It may look cool if you ride without your helmet but it’s extremely dangerous. Accidents can occur at any moment, so it’s best to be prepared with a helmet. Not a simple helmet either. You should invest in a helmet that covers your face as well as your head. If your helmet does not have a visor attached to shield your eyes, consider investing in a pair of goggles. 


Once you’ve gotten coverage for your head and face, it’s time to protect the rest of you. Pants and jackets are essential to keeping you safe and secure during your rides. The more protection you have on the road, the better. It’s not just about safety from abrasions, it’s safety from unexpected weather too. You should make sure that your gear is waterproof as well. 

Insurance Navy Auto Insurance A Guide To Important Motorcycle Gear For First-Time Riders Gloves


Just like the rest of your body, your hands need special protection. They are equally as necessary as they are fragile. Don’t just use the winter gloves that your grandma bought for you in eighth grade though. Invest in gloves that have good armor and padding. You don’t want a thin layer of wool protecting your hands from the impact of a crash. Your gloves should also have a retention strap to ensure they will stay on in the case of a crash. 

Insurance Navy Auto Insurance A Guide To Important Motorcycle Gear For First-Time Riders Boots


The last line of defense to discuss is for your feet and ankles. Riding boots are an important investment for safety and comfort. You’ll need boots that will remain secure on you in the case of a crash. The boots will need to be specially designed to avoid bending easily. These boots are for combating injuries such as that, so first-time riders should look for the most durable pair available. 

Insurance Navy Auto Insurance Biker Ear Plugs


When you’re on a motorcycle, obviously you don’t have the benefit of being inside of a large structure. You know how loud it can get when you’re driving on the highway with your car windows down? To avoid having to hear that all the time when riding, invest in some comfortable earplugs. 

Insurance Navy Auto Insurance A Guide To Important Motorcycle Gear For First-Time Riders Suit

Full-Body Suit

One-piece suits for you to wear on rides would be a good investment as well. You may think that some of the suits look a bit theatrical but hey, it should be worth it for safety’s sake. Protection that can zip together as a one-piece uniform is particularly useful for maximum safety. It’s a more costly option and isn’t necessary for all kinds of riding but it is a good investment if you’re interested in maximum safety precautions. 

Insurance Navy Auto Insurance Biker More Info

More Information

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