Illinois Car Insurance Requirements You Should Know About

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Illinois car insurance requirements are something all drivers in the state should be aware of. Even if you’re not a driver just yet, you should familiarize yourself with these requirements so that you can be ready and well-informed when the time comes to get behind the wheel. Today, I’ll take a look at some of the Illinois car insurance requirements which even the most experienced drivers may not be aware of.

Proof Of Loss

We’ll begin by taking a look at this little known fact about total loss auto claims. To complete your claim after a loss, you’ll have to submit a sworn proof of loss to your insurance company. The sworn proof of loss needs to be submitted within the timeframe of 91 days, or else your insurance company can outright deny your claim. Typically, sworn proof of loss must include the specific date of the loss, as well as how exactly it happened. You’ll also need to include the purpose your motor vehicle was being used for at the time of the loss.

Damage Report

This fact is incredibly important to know but is something many drivers may not even consider while in the situation. After a loss, you are required to show the damaged automobile to your insurance company before going ahead and having it repaired. Providing this information to your insurance company is vital to the entire process following a loss.

Mandatory Insurance Verification

There is a law that many drivers may not be aware of known as the Mandatory Insurance Law, otherwise known by its more exciting name–625 ILCS 5/7-601. With the inclusion of this law, the Office of the Secretary of State randomly chooses registered drivers to receive a questionnaire. This questionnaire is sent to ensure that you have proper auto insurance for your motor vehicle.

There is a serious penalty if you choose not to fill out and send in the questionnaire. The penalty still stands even if you simply forget to fill it out and send it back in. If this happens and the Office of the Secretary of State doesn’t receive your finished questionnaire following issuance then your license plates will be suspended. This will then lead to you having to pay a $100 reinstatement fee. Not only that, you will still have to provide proof of insurance as well.

If you are a repeat offender then you will have to do both of those things while also serving a four-month suspension period. That means no one can operate your motor vehicle for four months, which is inconvenient, to say the least. Suffice it to say, it’s important that you fill out this information and send it to the Office of the Secretary of State if you are randomly chosen for the questionnaire.

More Information

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