Filing an accident report is necessary after a car accident. But, not everybody knows how to file a police report. The police department’s report has unbiased information for insurance companies and lawsuits.

You can file an online report or you can file the report in person with your local metropolitan police department. In some states, not filing a police report is a crime, so you will have to do so in one of these ways. Filing a false police report is a crime as well.

If you are at the scene of an accident, call law enforcement, who will make the report after observing the collision. When they question you about the event, give them as much information as possible. The police officer will:

  • Takedown basic information and both accounts of the incidents reported.
  • Make sure the scene is safe for traffic and everyone involved.
  • Call emergency responders, if needed.
  • Takedown the contact information for witnesses.
  • Assess the damage to both vehicles.
  • Note any injuries to drivers and passengers, if any.

The officer’s name will also be on the police report if you ever need to contact them again.

An officer may not come to the scene of a car accident if there are no injuries. Or, if the damaged property value is small. If this happens, make sure to document how the incident occurred in detail. You may take this information to the local police station and file your own report.  

A copy of the police report is available within a few days. After that, it’s important to give a copy to your car insurance company.

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