How To Discuss Life Insurance Policies

There are few topics people avoid more than those that involve death. It can be uncomfortable to discuss your own mortality or a loved one’s, yet it is necessary in some cases. It is a sad fact, but people are reluctant to talk about life insurance policies. As difficult as it may be, having a discussion about life insurance can really give you peace of mind. Life insurance is a heavy topic, so here are some tips on how to make the burden a bit lighter.

Consider The Setting    

Intimate discussions deserve intimate settings. When you decide to discuss life insurance policies with a partner, child, or other, make sure the setting is quiet and comfortable. Loud places with lots of distractions can derail serious conversations. There are some public places such as forest trails, large parks, and other open settings that may present pleasant scenery. It is much harder to be uncomfortable with fresh air, beautiful sights, and a person that matters to you.     


Although open setting are good for preliminary discussions about life insurance, any financial discussions should be private. Life insurance matters often deal with confidential information as well, so a private setting is important. Even if the discussion is just about the need for the policy, personal matters could come up. Home is a perfect place that offers a comfortable feeling, while also providing the privacy needed to get into personal matters    

How To Bring It Up     

Once the setting is right, the next step is to actually bring life insurance policies up. This step can be quite difficult, but it really depends on two factors. The first factor is the way you bring up the discussion. Diving right in might make the other person reject the idea out of fear or “not wanting to think about that.” Consider why you want to take out a policy and ask yourself what it means to you. Remember that life insurance is a back up plan to ensure your loved ones are secure.       

The second factor to consider is the state of mind the other person is in. Is the other person someone who gets anxious easily or panics when discussing heavy topics. A discussion about life insurance can easily trigger anxiety or fear that someone is dying. This is why it is so important to think about the necessity of the policy, so you can clearly explain it. Staying calm when discussing life insurance can have a contagious effect on the other person.       

How To Bring It Up To Children    

Having a life insurance policy discussion with a child means explaining your death to someone who depends on you. It may trigger strong emotions, confusion, and ultimately derail the discussion. Before discussing this topic, make sure there are no distractions in the surroundings.


During the discussion about what life insurance policy means, make sure your child understands why you are doing this. Children may seem clueless at times but sometimes they have their own way of understanding complex issues. It may be helpful to break up this discussion into smaller parts. By breaking up the discussion it allows the child to develop the idea of overtime instead of trying to digest it in one sitting. Children can be difficult, but adults may have similar reactions. Approaching anyone with this discussion requires patience and understanding on both ends.

More Information

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