Easy Steps To Help Prevent Fires In Your Apartment

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Fires erupting in your home can be a nightmarish experience.The key to prevent fires in your apartment can come in the form of the smallest actions. This post will discuss some incredibly important & easy-to-follow steps to help minimize the risk of fires within your apartment or home.

1. Install At Least One Fire Extinguisher

This is one of the first things you should do whenever you move into a new place. It’s key to have a fire extinguisher in your place of living at all times because it could come in handy when you least expect it, even for small fires. 


2. Keep Everything Clean & Organized 

This is very important for multiple reasons. Firstly, keeping things neatly put together can hinder the possibility of accidental fires. However, if one does start, not having things piled up can help reduce the speed of the fire spreading. 
Thirdly, if you’re trying to exit your apartment in the case of a fire, not having piles of stuff can help make for a quicker, safer escape path. 

3. Unplug Smaller Appliances When Possible

Whenever you’re not using a particular appliance that is plugged into an outlet, unplug it. Electrical fires can erupt when you least expect it, so keeping things unplugged will help minimize this risk. Especially if it’s an object that gives off an extreme amount of heat, such as flat irons, toasters, etc.
Keep an eye out for exposed wires as well when trying to prevent fires in your apartment.

4. Prepare A Fire Escape Plan

You may never have to use it, but you should always have a fire escape plan. Whether you’re in a house, school, or office, you should know the safest route of escape in case of a fire.
Some buildings have fire escape plans labeled on walls, included with a map of the building highlighting the best escape route. Find out if where you’re staying has one of these and if not, create your own.

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