Harley-Davidson Offers Rider Safety Courses

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As the auto industry shifts into more of a driverless and electric vehicle future, motorcycle companies and makers are hoping to put a spark back into their industry.

Long time motorcycle giant Harley-Davidson is hoping to jump start this change. They will be offering safety courses or safety lessons to help tech people how to ride and aim to show people that it is not all that dangerous.

This isn’t technically a new program, as Harley-Davidson first launched it back in 2000 and was offered at 50 dealerships. The difference here is that they are gearing toward targeting more women as well as millennials to get them on their bikes.

Now the program is available at 254 dealerships throughout the United States. The price of the class varies by dealership but is in the range of $300.

The program hopes to get people comfortable and confident on a motorcycle, allowing them to feel safe and better enjoy the ride.

Harley-Davidson has seen a decrease in sales largely due to not reaching out to the changing times, millennials growing up and not experiencing the motorcycles at a young age like many of their parents may have as well as the stereotype of motorcycles being too dangerous to use.

The entire program is geared toward safety and allowing people to physically test out various bikes and find out the right ways to ride. Harley-Davidson wants to teach you how to ride and how to ride the right and safe way.

Harley-Davidson plans to release ten new motorcycles over the next ten years and plans on adding 2 million new rides. With efforts like this program, to bring to light the safety, excitement and joy you can have from riding a motorcycle, Harley-Davidson is on the right track.

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