Future Of Cars Turning Into Entertainment Centers

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Now more than ever we are seeing the automobile industry change and change quickly. Today, major automakers and other major companies are pouring more and more money into creating not only electric vehicles but also self-driving or driverless vehicles all equipped with autonomous safety features.

This list of major companies includes Tesla, Google, Ford, Nissan, Uber, Lyft and Amazon to name a few. As the push continues toward this change, other companies are stepping in hoping to gain ground and get ahead of their competitors.

As cars shift to driverless vehicles, it opens up more opportunities for safety as well as entertainment options. It is believed that driverless vehicles will make roads almost 95% safer than what we currently have. And entertainment will be the next big part of the automobile industry.

When driverless cars take over, you won’t have to worry about driving or looking up directions, you won’t even have to pay attention while you’re in your car. So during your next road trip, you will be relaxing in the back, taking a nap, reading a book or watching Netflix.

Warner Brothers chief digital officer recently spoke at the Detroit Auto Show about these driverless vehicles and the opportunity for them. He spoke about how these driverless vehicles will allow passenger time to relax and watch a TV show during their trip.

Some of us may sleep, some of us may read the newspaper or grade papers, but the truth is the majority will now be watching a movie or even playing a gaming system. Technology has gotten so much more advanced over the past few years and it will continue to expand. New technology will keep us connected to our cars and expanding so we can enjoy a long road trip with some dim lights, comfy chairs and movies playing, all while riding in your own car.

Even for the past few years, you are already able to get Wifi and Bluetooth in your vehicle and it wont stop there. The push for driverless cars will open up the door for the entertainment industry and allow it to mix in with the auto industry. The two would presumably team up so they would be able to offer TV, movies, sports, gaming, etc. to any and all driverless cars on the road. Making your next road trip more relaxing and laid back, not having you do any of the work.

While time will tell for the auto industry and the rise of these driverless cars, it is still important to keep yourself safe on the roads. The best way to do that is by having an auto insurance plan. Having the best auto insurance will protect you and your vehicle from anything you might run into on the roads.


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