Fun Family Activities To Do On Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is not only about the food that you eat, but also the interaction with your family. It’s meant to bring families together to enjoy each other’s company. The best way for that is to have activities and games for the family to play. The key is to have everyone join and not have people go off to there own corners. Here are some fun family activities you can do on Thanksgiving.


One way to bring the family together is by volunteering. You can go to your local salvation army or a homeless shelter to help provide a meal for those less fortunate. This is a really good way to help bring people closer. Being able to help people out and building bonds with the people you love while helping others is an amazing feeling.

Family Fun Sports Game

Nothing brings the family together quite like a sports competition. Family members are always trying to prove they’re the more athletic one. Holding a sports game for members of the family to work up a sweat and appetite is an idea to consider. You’ll have a friendly competition going and some smack talk. You could even have a nice prize for the winners.

Decorate The Christmas Tree

If you or your family haven’t already set up a Christmas tree, you could do it when everyone is around. Even though some people don’t set up the Christmas decorations this early. It’s a way to have everyone contribute and get into the Christmas spirit. It also means less work doing it yourself, which could be a plus.

Meal Delivery

If there is someone your family knows that may not have anyone to spend Thanksgiving with. You could take them a plate of food. Some holiday cheer for folks can go a long way. You can also teach your children to share the love.

Game Night

Bring out the board games and electronics. If the family doesn’t want to participate in a competition outside, you can do something from the warm confines of the house. Having board games to play and games that people can compete in works just as well as an outdoor sports game. Even having a family puzzle that needs to be solved would work well.

Movie Night

Watching and experiencing a movie with the family is another great past time. Being able to go through a story with the family and being able to talk about it after is also fun. The only problem is trying to agree on what movie to watch. You might want to take a poll to decide that.
No matter what you choose to do as a family, remember to have fun no matter what. Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday for friends and family. Spread the love around and have a good holiday!