Full Coverage Auto Insurance–What’s Included In Your Policy?

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Insurance Navy Auto Insurance Full Coverage Auto Insurance Policy What's Included In Your Policy

Full coverage auto insurance policies can differ between insurance companies. With Insurance Navy, full coverage auto insurance comes with a number of helpful coverage options. To clarify what you can get with full coverage, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide. That way, you won’t get confused by all the small details that go into a functioning full coverage policy, of which there are many.

Shopping for insurance coverage options is something we all must do at some point, quite often more than once. If you’re inexperienced in this field, you’ll probably ask yourself: “Where do I even start?” when looking at all the different providers and coverage options. When shopping for coverage with insurance companies, it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting into. However, the specificity of some of the coverage types can be confusing.

For instance, Insurance Navy’s full coverage auto insurance contains a combination of policies, such as comprehensive coverage and collision coverage.

Coverages vary depending on the specific needs of the person but full coverage is probably your best bet for proper coverage.

What Is Comprehensive Coverage?

This type of policy covers damages for non-driving events. Given that it’s auto insurance, that may seem confusing. To clarify, comprehensive coverage protects you in the case of theft, windshield/glass damage, accidents involving animals, vandalism, damage caused by falling trees/tree branches, debris falling off of cars, and damage caused by certain weather/natural disasters (hail, floods, earthquakes, lightning, etc.)

What Is Collision Coverage?

This type of coverage will cover the cost of repairs if your vehicle is damaged by a collision with another car, object, or even after a single-car accident. Specifically, collision coverage will protect you from perils such as hitting a tree/building/pothole/curb, being hit by another car, and backing into another car.

With these coverages attached to your motor vehicle, it will help remove a lot of the stress of common vehicle perils. Situations such as damage to your car due to debris being thrown by another car, or damage from backing into another car, are unfortunate things that happen quite often. Thanks to full coverage, however, you won’t have to break the bank at all to repair it.

When shopping for full coverage with insurance companies, it’s important to fully understand what you’re looking for. There are many confusing aspects to the policy shopping process but if you do proper research on what you need for your car, it should make the whole process much easier.

Hopefully, after reading through this comprehensive guide on the subject, you feel much less stressed out or confused about full coverage auto insurance. If you have any additional questions about the subject, you can go to our designated page on full coverage or follow the process below regarding the numerous ways you can contact our team of insurance agents.

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More Information

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