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Food-Drive: Highlights Of Community Service

Last Thursday, October 8th, Insurance Navy Brokers partnered with the Town of Cicero to put together a food-drive at Cicero Community Park. From about 9 AM to 1 PM people from all over the Cicero area came out to get a box of food containing non perishable items. It was a beautiful day to run a charity event for families in need.

We are very proud to have served a community that we have been a part of for over a decade. Plus, we all had a lot of fun handing out boxes, bags, and treats during the food-drive.

We know that families are struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic and shut downs that followed. So we decided we needed to do our part in helping the communities that we are a part of. So, we reached out to our contacts in Cicero to coordinate a food-drive.

Pick Up & Delivery

It all started with delivering the food, which members of the Insurance Navy Brokers Marketing team took part in. The food in each box was purchased from a local Pete’s Market store, which made the process fast and easy.

We gathered pallet on top of pallet for our food-drive

The Hard Work

Then, with an army of over forty-five volunteers provided by the Town of Cicero and about ten Insurance Navy staff members, we constructed and handed out around 1400 boxes of food.

Our volunteers worked tirelessly constructing boxes for the food-drive

The volunteers worked efficiently to construct, pack, and stack boxes at the early hours of Thursday morning. In fact, we were unsure if enough people would show up to the food-drive. However, lines began forming and as the day progressed more and more people showed up.

Around one thousand boxes were prepared for the food-drive

What’s In The Box?

Volunteers packed each box with non perishable items, provided by Pete’s Market, such as pinto and black beans, rice, pasta, pasta sauce and more. Each car received at least one box of food, an Insurance Navy Brokers bag, a case of water, face masks, and some treats provided by Bimbo Bakeries.

A Job Well Done

In the end we had no boxes left over and a bunch of exhausted but content volunteers. The event was a complete success, without a single accident or dispute. We we would like to thank everyone involved in the food-drive including all of the volunteers, the Town of Cicero, Pete’s Market, and Bimbo Bakeries for their hard work and contributions.

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