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Guide to Fixing a Cracked Windshield

Guide to Fixing a Cracked Windshield

A windshield can break or crack because of a number of things, not just a car accident. It could have been installed wrong or natural exterior conditions may cause a spider-shaped crack to appear in the center. The first thing you should do is relax -it’s glass and glass breaks. It’s a matter of getting it repaired or replaced. In this post, we cover how to identify cracks, protect against them, and solutions for repair.

Windshield Cracks to Look Out For

Windshield cracks can appear in the following ways:

  • Stress cracks - The stress which causes this crack is an object hitting the windshield or being in freezing conditions.
  • Edge cracks - Cracks that are one to two inches away from the windshield’s edge can get serious as they spread -sometimes reaching a length of up to one foot.
  • Chip cracks - These ones start out small and are caused by an impact. While they may start the size of a coin, they can grow in size.
  • Floater cracks - Cracks of this nature originate in the center of the windshield and can vary in size. Weather conditions can affect the size of it over time should it be left unrepaired.

Keep Your Windshield Safe From Cracks

You may be able to add windshield protection to your car insurance policy. You only pay a deductible if your windshield is broken or replaced because of a crack. This form of insurance also covers you if your windshield fractures due to fire, vandalism, or animal impact. When dealing with an insurance company, you should ask about the deductible amount. A windshield crack repair typically costs around $250, although replacement might be as much as $700. Low deductibles work better with windshield coverage.

Fixing Windshield Cracks

You have two choices when it comes to crack or windshield chip repair. You can follow the directions on a product, or you can watch videos that walk you through the process of a DIY repair. These approaches might help to stop fractures from spreading, but the answer is frequently only temporary.

Doing repairs oneself may be hazardous. It’s usually preferable to have your windshield replaced by a professional. If your windshield has a crack in it, you might want to consider repairing it yourself. Although this is possible, there are a few things that you should know about the process before attempting it on your own. Depending on the severity of the damage and how much time has elapsed between the accident and when you noticed it, repairs might be more.

The best glass repair service for every person is determined by a vehicle glass repair professional. They note the type of fracture, as well as its size and depth, based on their experience. Repair businesses used to have limitations. Many now have the ability to fix car windows with a crack that is 18 inches long.

The service professional considers the location of the fracture, any chips, and the cost to repair. After completing their examination, they’ll talk with you about their ideas. Fortunately, most windshield crack repair specialists can mend cracks without having to replace the whole windshield.

If you need your windshield replaced, it would be best to turn to a reputable business. An auto glass repair firm will finish the job in less than an hour, allowing you to drive once again.

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