8 Helpful Smoke Detector Maintenance Tips To Maximize Fire Safety

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Smoke detector maintenance is important for ensuring the safety of your loved ones and your home. To make sure that you are properly planning for fire hazards, take a look at this list of helpful smoke detector tips.

1. Smoke Detectors In Your Kitchen Should Have A “Hush” Option

You’ll obviously need a smoke detector near your kitchen because dangerous fires can erupt there, but you also want to avoid false alarms from cooking. So, make sure that the smoke detector placed near this section of the house has a “hush” feature on it to silence it quickly when needed.

2. Invest In Interconnected Alarms

When you buy smoke detectors, be sure to purchase a system that is interconnected. This means that when one alarm is triggered, they will all sound off. 

3. There Are Special Smoke Detectors For The Hard-Of-Hearing

If you or a member of your family is hard-of-hearing, there are special smoke detectors that can be installed. They emit flashing lights that will help notify the hearing-impaired when an alarm has been triggered.

4. Test Your Alarms Monthly

Your smoke detector should have a button labeled “Test” on it. You should take a specific day out of each month to test the alarm on each unit. It sounds like a small thing that will be very easy to procrastinate but you should make yourself do this each month. That way, there’s less chance of your devices running into malfunctions during more inconvenient circumstances.

5. Install Detectors On Every Level Of Your Home

To ensure that your entire house is prepared for smoke/fire hazards, install smoke detectors on each level. Placing them in the center of the ceiling is also a good rule of thumb to follow when installing detectors.

6. Swap Out Batteries ASAP

When it comes time for those batteries to come out, your detector will emit a loud chirp or beep. You’ve probably heard it before, that annoying sound that wakes up you and the dog in the middle of the night. It can be inconvenient but you shouldn’t just take out the batteries and plan on replacing them later. Replace them as soon as you can, because you never know when you’ll need that alarm to function the most.

7. Replace Smoke Detectors After 10 Years

To learn when your smoke detector should be replaced, look for the manufacture date on it. Ten years after that date should be when you have your detector replaced entirely. The manufacture date can be found on the side of the alarm that is facing the ceiling, not the one facing you. 

8. Clean Your Smoke Detectors Frequently 

Doing this is very simple. Next time you’re cleaning around the house, make sure to either vacuum or dust the exterior of your smoke detector. 

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