The Annual Ducky Derby: What’s New?

Ducky Derby

The Chicago Ducky Derby kicks off August 6th. For those that have not heard or do not know, the Chicago Ducky Derby is a fundraiser that benefits nonprofits all over the country. The race in Chicago is dedicated to the Special Olympics. This event has helped thousands of athletes for the Special Olympics in Illinois. Due to Chicago being in Phase 3, the race will be a little different this year.

Virtual Ducky Race

In the past, participants were able to adopt a rubber duck for $5 each. These rubber ducks were dumped off of the Wabash Bridge on the Chicago River downtown. Hundreds of people gathered in Riverwalk to cheer on the rubber contestants as they made their way down stream. The rubber ducks are available to be adopted and sponsors can still take part. This year, the duck race will be a virtual event on social media and on the charity’s Youtube channel. This virtual event will be at 1 pm. 

How Can I Participate?

So far over 40,000 ducks have been adopted which is just 67% of the goal, which is 60,000. The event offers packages so that sponsors can adopt more than one at a time. The “Quack Pack” comes with 6, the “Flock of Ducks” comes with 24, and the “Diamond Duck Pack” comes with 240 ducks in total. 

Fundraiser teams form to increase the amount of rubber ducks bought for the event. 128 fundraising teams have signed up so far. Some of these teams include: Arlington Heights PD, The Darling Ducklings, and FOX 32 News. Individuals are able to buy a rubber duck as well, and because the event is virtual, you may buy a duck on the day of the race as well.

Get Involved!

Since 1988, The Ducky Derby has helped raise over $280 million for various nonprofits. These races take place all over the country but has always been a special event in Chicago. Even with the new accommodations this year, it is still important to take part to help raise money. At Insurance Navy, we know the value these organizations have in the community and how important it is to keep them going strong. If you would like to adopt a duck for this year’s race click the link below!