The Difference Between ‘Tornado Watch’ & ‘Tornado Warning’

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Illinois is one of the areas in the United States prone to tornadoes. In general, the Midwestern and Southern states are prone to these dangerous occurrences. When in these states, it’s good to be informed about important tornado topics, such as the difference between a tornado watch and a tornado warning.

Firstly, we’ll discuss what a tornado watch is. If you see a tornado watch, it means that a tornado could potentially touch down. However, it has yet to fully form and touch down. So, when you see a tornado watch, you should be alert and observant but you don’t have to take drastic precautions just yet.

A tornado warning is the one you really need to be worried about. A tornado warning means that a tornado has officially touched down. If you see one of these warnings, then you should take action. Move to a safer location, or do whatever steps you have to in an effort to stay safe during the storm. 

Now that you are more informed about this topic, you are one step closer to keeping your family safe in the case of one of these frightening forces of nature. Make sure you have a plan in place in the case of one of these storms twisting their way towards your home. 

Insurance Navy Auto Insurance The Difference Between Tornado Watch & Tornado Warning

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