How To Cleanse Your Car’s Interior

One of the most bacteria-filled places that people interact with every day is their own car. From the steering wheel to door handles and radio knobs, your car may be covered in germs. While car washes help keep your car’s exterior clean, your car’s interior needs cleaning just as much. Most experts would say the interior of a car should be cleaned about once a month, but if needed cleaning it more often wouldn’t hurt. Keeping the inside of your car clean helps you stay healthy especially with the Coronavirus outbreak, and it keeps the car looking good inside and out. The goal of this post will be educating drivers on what products to use and where to clean in the car’s interior. 


How Bad Is Your Car’s Germ Problem

Studies have found that the steering wheel of an average vehicle contains levels of bacteria that surpass public restrooms. In fact, one study found a car’s steering wheel has about 700 bacteria per 10 centimeters, while the trunk can hold around 1000. When compared to a toilet seat, which contains about 80 bacteria per 10 centimeters, the case for cleaning it often becomes clear.

A different study found car interiors were over 2000% dirtier than smartphones and about 55% dirtier than keyboards. If you’re a person who is on their phone often and uses a keyboard daily, you’re probably a little alarmed. 

Who Does This Effect 

Drivers are not the only ones affected by the bacteria and germs that may be harmful to a person’s health. According to a study, most ride-share driver’s backseat contains more bacteria than toilet seats, however, the study used a small sample size of 9. Despite the small sample size, it’s not hard to imagine the backseat of a car in which many different passengers enter is full of germs. So, if you are a rideshare driver, consider spraying your seats with disinfectant spray to protect yourself and your customers. 

Spots to Clean And What To Use

Now that we have gone over exactly how disgusting our car’s interior is, we should go over how to clean them. A standard vacuuming job helps alleviate your car of pet hair, crumbs, and general debris but not bacteria and germs. So, drivers should use a microfiber towel with a bit of water and an all-purpose car cleaner to wipe down door handles, hinges, and anywhere the door meets the car’s body. These are all places in which people make the first contact with a car, so naturally, they harbor the most bacteria. 


Additionally, wiping down your steering wheel, all vinyl, and cup holders are essential to keeping a clean interior. These parts of the car all contain bacteria and drivers interact with them the most. Of course, you should be using separate parts of the microfiber towel or a different towel completely to clean each area. This keeps you from spreading germs or bacteria from one part of the ca’s interior to another. 

What You Can Do To Prevent Bacteria Build-Up

Other than doing some routine cleaning once a month, drivers should cut out some bad habits such as eating in the car in order to keep it clean. Food wrappers and crumbs often scatter into every nook of the car’s interior and may produce odors. Additionally, keeping disinfectant wipes spray and/or hand sanitizer helps you maintain a healthy environment. Even keeping a bag for trash in your car and tossing it every week can help keep bacteria and odor from building up. All of the information and tips provided in this post are meant to keep you healthy. At the same time, this post helps keep your car’s interior bacteria and odor-free as well.