What If Another Driver Gets Into An Accident In My Car


Deciding if another driver can borrow your car can be a difficult choice you may have to make at some point or another. You may start to think of the what-if scenarios associated with another person driving your car. What if they get a speeding ticket? Even worse, what if they get in a car accident?

A speeding ticket will not affect you but depending on the available insurance, a car accident may.

Who is covered under your insurance policy?

The general rule is that anyone living in the same household as the policy owner is covered while driving your car, unless it is explicitly stated on the policy as an excluded driver. In Illinois, most coverages follow the car and but a few coverages do follow the driver.

Liability and non-owners insurance

Liability insurance and non-owners policies always follow the driver. These policies cover body and property liability damages. These policies keep you insured no matter what care you are driving.

Comprehensive and collision insurance

Comprehensive and collision insurance follow the insured car. Family members and other people living in the same household as the insured person are insured under the policy unless they are specifically listed as excluded drivers. However, under permissive use they are only insured if they have your permission to use the car.  If the damages for the car accident go over the policy limits, you will be responsible for repaying those damages, not the driver.