Tips For Photographing Accident Scene


A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when it properly documents a car accident. Pictures can help prove a version of event to insurance companies and lawyers. If you are involved in a car accident, make sure to take pictures at the scene to receive fair compensation for damages.

Here are a few suggestions on what to include in accident scene pictures:

A shot of the entire scene. Stand back far enough to capture the entire accident scene and take pictures from every angle.

Exterior and interior damage of all vehicles involved. Take a picture of every corner of the cars interior and exterior to document any damages along with close-up pictures. Make sure to include details like close-up pictures of shattered glass, low car parts and deployed air bags.

Shots of any injuries reported. Take pictures of any injury reported no matter how small.

Position of the cars involved. An accident report will a rough sketch of the cars positions but pictures can help adjusters and lawyers orient themselves so make sure to include as many surroundings as possible.

Evidence. Make sure to photograph any evidence that may be present at the scene. If you tried your best to break ahead of time and were not able to, look for skid marks. If the weather conditions may have contributed to a collision, take pictures of the wet, slippery road and the heavy rainfall. If the other party claims you did not make a complete stop, look for traffic cameras that may help dispute this and photograph their location to help you remember later.