How To File A Police Report


Filing an accident report is necessary after a car accident. The police report will have unbiased, critical information that will be important for insurance companies and potential lawsuits.

If you are at the scene of an accident, call the police. The investigating officer will make the report after investigating the collision. When the officer questions you about the event, give the officer as much information as possible. The police officer will:

  • Take down basic information and both accounts of the accident
  • Make sure the scene is safe for traffic and everyone involved
  • Call emergency responders, if needed
  • Take down contact information for witnesses
  • Assess the damages to both vehicles
  • Note any injuries to drivers and passengers, if any

The officer’s name will also be on the police report if you ever need to contact the officer again.

If a car accident does not cause any injuries or the damaged property value is small, an officer may not come to the scene. If this happens, make sure to document the accident thoroughly. You may take this information to the local police station and file a report on your own.  

A copy of the police report is available within a couple of days. Once it is ready, it is important to give a copy to your car insurance company.