Post Accident Checklist


Getting into a car accident can be a scary, confusing process. Not everybody knows the right steps to take after it happens. At Insurance Navy, we want to make any auto insurance as easy for you as we can. So, we’ve compiled a post accident checklist for you. 

Our post accident checklist will inform you about the correct steps to take after being in an accident.

Check for injuries

Move cars out of traffic

Call 911

Exchange information

Photograph the scene

File report with police and IDOT

Call your insurance company

Hopefully our post accident checklist can help you in the future, because we know that accidents can come suddenly and cause much confusion. If you’d like to inform yourself even more about what to do after an accident, we have you covered. 

Visit our page right here and read up on the whole process that can take place after an accident occurs. If you stay up-to-date on the post accident checklist and the whole process following an accident, it may help quite a bit in the future.

Similarly, you can also visit our page at this link to learn about what not to do after an accident occurs. Insurance Navy exists to assist you with any auto insurance questions and situations that we possibly can.

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