Chicago Bars, Restaurants And More Moving Backwards

As reported by Block Club Chicago, the city will begin rolling back some guidelines. Last week, Mayor Lightfoot warned residents that Chicago was on the verge of a setback. Well, starting this Friday, July 24th, new guidelines will effect Chicago bars, restaurants and other indoor activities . This post will go over exactly what the new guidelines look like for Chicagoans. 

Chicago Bars And Restaurants

Despite capacity limits in restaurants and bars, cases in Chicago continue to surge at dangerous levels. If you recall Phase 3 rules for bars, the city allowed store owners who did not have a food license to serve people outdoors. Then, under Phase 4 guidelines, those same bars were allowed to open up for indoor service. Since Chicago is a major hot spot, the Mayor wants to prevent a further break out by reverting some rules back to Phase 3. 

Additionally, Chicago restaurants and bars will revert back to Phase 3 party sizes as well. Under Phase 4, you could have a party size of 10 at a table. Now, the city’s new rules state that party sizes cannot exceed 6 people. Note that these rules apply to both indoor and outdoor dining. 

along with chicago bars, indoor gyms started limiting capacity

Other Indoor Services Impacted

Similar to other indoor activities like bars and restaurants, Chicago limited indoor gym capacities. Under the new rules  starting Friday, indoor fitness groups will be limited to 10 people per group. This means that you can still head to your gym and exercise, but indoor groups will be impacted.

Ending Maskless Services

Another roll back by the Mayor’s office will be services that require mask removal, such as facials. Since more evidence is showing how effective and crucial masks are to curbing the spread of COVID-19, services like facials and shavings are dangerous. However, haircuts and other personal services will continue, so long as people wear masks. 

Limiting Home Guests

Lastly, the city has asked residential property managers to limit the number of guests per unit. In an effort to limit house parties and large home gatherings, the city will limit people to 5 house guests per unit. 

with restaurants closed people are tempted to invite lots of friends and family over, however, the city asks that you limit it to 5 guests.

Are We Moving Backwards?

As announced last week by Governor Pritzker, Illinois will be further split into smaller regions, with Chicago becoming its own. So, while Chicago begins to back pedal, the rest of Illinois will be able to stay “open” so long as cases in their region do not escalate.