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Skiing resorts, state parks, landlocked beaches, and some of the highest points in the United States are just a few of the things that the state of Utah boasts. In fact, some of the towns, like the capital Salt Lake City, make a good deal of their money through ski tourism during the winter. The only other thing in Utah that has skiing beat in terms of mainstream appeal is Mormonism, with the Church of Latter Day Saints headquartered in Salt Lake.

Vast red canyons and desert by summer, and snow-covered mountains, sometimes below freezing temperatures, by winter, are what makes Utah such a great destination for all seasons. When it comes to residence, there are plenty of ins for affordable living all over the state, including the largest metropolitan areas.

Some companies also make their headquarters here, like Skullcandy and Rossignol USA. With factors like the influx of tourists during the skiing seasons, diverse climate, and roads traversing nearly every terrain –how does this translate to the cost of car insurance in Utah?

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Car insurance for drivers in Utah

The average cost of car insurance varies from state to state. You may be living in one state where the average cost of car insurance is the most that someone in another state will pay, for example. When it comes to Utah, its average car insurance rates are reported to be about 9% less than the national average.

Of course, just how low car insurance rates you can get depend on a variety of personal factors. At the same time, different parts of Utah are subject to their own local insurance rates. This gives local and national car insurance companies operating in Utah the ability to compete for your patronage and the cheapest rates. At the same time, going through all these providers and their rates to find the best one can be tedious and time-consuming.

This is where Insurance Navy enters the picture. You can sit back and let them take the wheel as they make all the local and national quote comparisons for you and narrow it down to the cheapest option. Insurance Navy takes pride in taking a personalized approach to finding cheap car insurance with several opportunities for affordable add-ons and even discounts.

The basics of Car insurance in Utah

Every American knows how important it is to carry car insurance. Not just Utah, but nearly every state except New Hampshire has laws in place requiring all registered drivers to carry at least a certain amount of car insurance –failure to do so can result in penalties that can affect your privilege to drive and ability to find cheap car insurance down the line.

The car insurance that every driver must carry is general liability insurance –or basic car insurance, as it’s often referred to. It’s the legal responsibility of everyone to own up and pay for any damages or injuries they cause to another driver and their car. As previously mentioned, failure to do so can result in penalties.

So, having car insurance in Utah is less about being a customer and more about abiding by the law. Being a law-abiding citizen shouldn’t be expensive, however. That gives local and national car insurance companies in Utah the competitive edge they need to have the lowest rates in town.

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Utah minimum Car insurance requirements

Drivers that registered their vehicles with the Utah DMV must carry at least the following in general liability auto insurance in order to drive legally and complete the registration process:

As you can see, Utah is notable for including personal injury protection, or PIP coverage, in their required auto insurance. Auto insurance laws are usually meant to protect others and not yourself, so it’s nice that Utah gives thought to at-fault drivers that also may be injured in an accident. Still, the listed coverage amounts are just the bare minimum you can carry.

Even then, these amounts aren’t enough to fully cover a claim, should an at-fault accident occur. Every car insurance company will recommend that you carry at least $10,000 more in coverage for each respective average to get adequate protection in the event of an accident claim. Still, how much coverage you specifically will desire depends on your personal needs and budget.

car insurance and auto insurance quote maps

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Optional Car insurance coverage in Utah

Personal injury protection coverage is just one of many auto coverages that offer more insurance protection for yourself and your car. These coverages are often offered as add-ons to your auto policy in order to create what is known as full insurance. Full auto insurance can include the following coverages:

  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Collision insurance
  • Gap insurance
  • Roadside assistance insurance
  • Rental car reimbursement insurance
  • Uninsured motorist insurance

The penalties for driving without Car insurance in Utah

Just how severe can the penalties for driving without car insurance in Utah be? While it depends on the number of offenses any given driver has, it’s always better to be caught by a Utah police officer rather than being caught up in an accident with damage and injuries that you are unable to pay for. In any case, you should always drive with auto insurance and proof of it.

Here are penalties that the state of Utah gives any drivers with no insurance:

  • First-time offenders of driving uninsured in Utah are subject to a fine of $400, driver’s license suspension until proof of insurance is provided, and SR-22 insurance to be maintained for about three years.
  • Second-time offenders of driving uninsured in Utah are subject to a fine of $1,000, driver’s license suspension for one year, and SR-22 insurance for three years.
  • Subsequent offenders of driving uninsured in Utah are subject to a fine of $1,000, year-long driver’s license suspension, SR-22 insurance requirement, and possible jail time.

Cheapest minimum car insurance in Utah

Utah is home to some of the most competitively priced insurance rates in the country. You should never be intimidated by the high rates of one insurance provider as you may find cheap and affordable ones from another provider.

You have a diverse selection of rates from local and national providers that offer affordable basic and full auto insurance. Utah’s lower-than-average cost of insurance wasn’t assigned but the result of a culmination of several personal and location factors. The following sections explain how all this plays into finding cheap car insurance in Utah.

How much does Car insurance cost in Utah?

Car insurance in Utah is about 9% less than the national average. How much exactly does that translate to? It’s been reported that an average driver in Utah will pay about $1,386 per year for full insurance and about $332 per year for basic coverage.

Of course, these amounts are just averages. How much exactly you or any other driver in Utah pay for car insurance is a deeply personal thing that is determined by several factors. It’s not often that even those living directly next to each other pay the same amount for insurance.

As is the case with several other states, the highest insurance rates in Utah can be found in the more populated, bigger metropolitan areas. This, however, is just one of many factors that determines what your car insurance costs in Utah.

What factors determine your Auto insurance premiums in Utah?

Let’s dive into just how personal the cost of Utah car insurance can be. Whenever you get a quote from prospective car insurance companies, they will need to know the following factors in order to gauge your risk, and determine how much it would cost to insure you:

  • Car make and model
  • Your driving history
  • Your age
  • Your Utah zip code
  • Your marital status
  • Where you park and store your car when not driving
  • Listed sex on driver’s license
  • Your credit score

The rates that any insurance provider gives you will reflect these factors. Car Insurance companies are also not allowed to discriminate because of certain factors, like age, sex, and credit score, but they will be reflected in the annual premiums.

But how and why do these factors influence the cost of your auto insurance? The following sections all elaborate on how.

How does age affect your Auto insurance premiums in Utah?

This isn’t the case for Utah, but pretty much everywhere else. Young drivers, especially the newer ones, pay the most for insurance for their cars out of everyone. This is the most commonly known and prepared aspect of having auto insurance.

New drivers often have just been certified, so they have little to no driving history for the car insurance companies to work off of –so they assign them the highest risk. This practice is not unique to Utah.

These are drivers within the age range of 16 to 25. Auto insurance rates are known to lower and even out when you reach the age of 26. This assumes that the driver has not filed any major claims, and kept accidents and traffic violations off their driving record. Until then, the higher insurance rates can be avoidable. Even discounts for young drivers, like the good student discount, only reduce your rates by less than $10 annually.

The most common coverage route that new and young drivers take is being insured by their parent’s or household’s current auto coverage policy until they turn 26, and are able to get their own affordable coverage. Still, the safest drivers will always have the cheapest car insurance in comparison to older drivers.

That’s why it’s so important to make safe driving an instinct, and avoid filing insurance claims. Rates are shown to increase again, but not nearly as much as it was when you were young, as you pass the age of 65, and are considered a senior driver. This goes for drivers not just in Utah but all around the United States.

How does location affect your Car insurance premiums in Utah?

Car insurance companies can find out a lot about you just by looking at your zip code. A zip code will have all the information about the city it represents, including population, traffic, and crime rates. These are all indicators of risk when it comes to getting insurance. Naturally, every city is subject to its own different rates in Utah.

Utah cities with higher populations and tourist seasons, like West Valley City, and Salt Lake City, will have some higher insurance rates compared to others. The good news is that there is no Utah city that averages more than $2,000 per year for full insurance. But that doesn’t mean that personal factors like the ones about to be discussed can push your own rates over the average.

How does car type affect your Auto insurance premiums in Utah?

The most known fact about auto coverage is the more a car is worth and costs, the more it will cost to insure.

Luxury and high-performance cars are vehicles of this caliber. It’s not just because of their cost, but also capabilities like speed and tech features that also make them more of a risk for car insurance companies to insure and payout in the event of a claim.

Utah isn’t exactly prime for sports cars and speedy driving with how icy the roads in some areas get in the winter. So many drivers opt for cars with good handling and seasonal snow tires. Having a car with a high rate of acceleration on icy roads is also a recipe for disaster.

Older, reliable, and more standard vehicles are the ones subject to the cheapest car insurance rates. Still, Insurance Navy offers several products that help both increase coverage and reduce the cost of insuring high-valued cars with products like an umbrella policy.

Our quoting and underwriting process for such cars is just as competitive as the prioritization of affordability.

How does your miles driven affect your Car insurance premiums in Utah?

According to data, the average American drives about 14,500 miles per year. However, drivers in Utah rack up about 15,516 miles annually –1,000 more miles than the national average.

While the population and crime rates help keep auto rates lower than the national average in Utah, drivers are still in their cars for longer. At the same time, people who drive for a living drive at least 4,000 more miles than the average per year.

Being behind the wheel longer means the more likely you are to be involved in a car accident. For that reason, drivers with more annual miles tend to pay more for insurance.

The good news is that roads and expressways between cities in Utah tend to be barren in some parts where the chances of colliding with another driver is significantly less than driving around in the city.

Cheap car insurance for drivers with bad credit

Car insurance premiums are paid on a monthly basis –the annual amounts just help to measure them better. So, making your monthly payments on time is a big part of having good auto coverage, and even graduating to cheaper ones.

Credit scores are the foremost indicator of how reliable you are when it comes to this that car insurance companies look at. This also means that your credit score can impact how expensive or cheap your rates will be as an insurance policyholder.

Car insurance companies also noticed that it isn’t just about financial reliability but also filing claims. According to insurance data, drivers with lower credit scores have a habit of filing more insurance claims than drivers with average credit.

This isn’t just the case for drivers in Utah. Common insurance quoting and underwriting practice compensates for low credit with higher premiums.

Insurance Navy, however, recognizes that having good credit is a lot like being a safe driver –it takes time to fully establish yourself as a risk-free driver that fully pays off their bills every month. Until then, affordable insurance for your car shouldn’t be a luxury.

Cheapest auto insurance in Utah after an accident

Utah is one of few states known as no-fault when it comes to accidents and insurance that covers injuries and damages. As opposed to the at-fault drivers’ liability coverage providing insurance for the damage caused to each other, all drivers involved in the collision use their own coverage to cover their own injuries. Even so, rates are expected to increase by anywhere from 31% to 40% for each of these involved drivers.

For some drivers, this can be a budget breaker. But, it doesn’t have to be with Insurance Navy’s first-time accident forgiveness coverage. Collisions can sometimes be unavoidable and even inevitable.

First-time accident forgiveness doesn’t let you off the hook but will keep your rates from increasing after an accident, but only one time and one time only.

Traffic Violations in Utah And How They Impact Car Insurance Rates

  • An auto insurance claim can increase your rates by up to 4%.
  • An accident, regardless of fault, can increase your rates by 3%.
  • Not wearing a seatbelt can increase your rates by 10%.
  • A speeding ticket can increase your rates up to 28%.
  • Reckless driving can increase your rates up to 56%.
  • Street racing can increase your rates by 73%.
  • A DUI can increase your rates by 74%.
  • Driving with a suspended license can increase your rates by 10%.
  • An SR-22 requirement can increase your rates by 10%.

*The above percentages are based on averages taken from each respective violation. How much your insurance rates will increase depends on several personal factors including your Utah hometown and car insurance company providing your coverage.

Cheapest car insurance in Utah for young drivers

To say that teen drivers in Utah overpay for car insurance would not be an overstatement. State data shows that teen drivers pay annual rates of about $5,563 –that’s about 301% more than the Utah average of $1,386. It will gradually lower to this amount as they age up to 26 with each passing year of claims-free safe driving.

But cheap car insurance in Utah for new drivers isn’t impossible to find. Still, it’s recommended that young drivers stay on their household auto policies until they turn 26 and can fully enjoy average premiums.

Insurance Navy is proud to quote and match the most affordable rates with old and new drivers alike and strives to set new premium averages for these respective groups. They also recognize that the road to cheap auto insurance is full of tedious and time-consuming quote comparisons.

While young drivers can’t get the cheapest car insurance, Insurance Navy strives to set a new affordable average for those drivers still in school or graduating.

Cheapest car insurance in Utah after a DUI

No driving violation is as cracked down upon as driving under the influence. Countries all over the world monitor intoxicated drivers’ BAC levels, and even the slightest exceedance of the legal limit can sometimes result in severe penalties.

It also goes without saying that driving under the influence of alcohol is extremely dangerous to yourself and others, in addition to being illegal. Thousands of drivers are killed by intoxicated drivers per year –it’s a matter of life and death.

Fines, jail time, and loss of driving privileges are the legal penalties that follow, after your auto insurance provider increases your rates by at least 70%, as you’ve previously seen.

There are also instances of insurance providers dropping policyholders after a DUI. How severe these penalties will depend on your DUI conviction, as first-time offenders are penalized less than third-time offenders, for example.

A DUI will also stay on your driving record for about a decade, which can make finding affordable insurance during this time more of a challenge. A DUI conviction will always be accompanied by an SR-22 insurance requirement for about three years.

Drivers convicted of a DUI often want to make a change following a conviction of an easily avoidable offense. Insurance Navy believes that high-risk drivers deserve a road to redemption through affordable insurance rates and SR-22 coverage assistance.

While high-risk drivers, such as those with a DUI conviction and SR-22 insurance requirements, can’t get the cheapest car insurance around, Insurance Navy strives to set a new affordable average as they work to get their driving risk to a more favorable level by shaking all their bad driving habits.

What is Utah SR-22 Insurance?

SR22 insurance functions the same in Utah as it does for every other state –and that is a requirement for high-risk drivers who have been charged with a serious traffic violation, like a DUI.

Contrary to how it sounds, an SR-22 is not actually insurance but a certification that you, as a high-risk driver, are legally insured with your own auto policy.

SR-22 insurance is renewed annually with the Utah DMV and car insurance companies. This is typically required for about three years. Insurance Navy not only helps with getting affordable car insurance with an SR-22 insurance requirement but assists with the initial filing and renewal process by cooperating directly with the Utah DMV.

Cheapest auto insurance in Utah for drivers with speeding tickets

As you have read in a previous section, a speeding ticket in Utah can increase your insurance rates by 28% max. For some drivers, this can be a lot and can compromise their insurance budget.

A speeding violation can stay on your driving record in Utah for about three years. During that time, finding affordable, lower-than-average car insurance rates can be more of a task, but not impossible.

Insurance Navy has seen and underwritten so many drivers with at least one speeding violation on their record that they have set a new low-cost average for them as they work to return to the normal average cost.

Average Car insurance cost in Utah cities

  • Salt Lake City - $1,442 per year
  • West Valley City - $1,503 per year
  • Provo - $1,370 per year
  • West Jordan - $1,438 per year
  • Ogden - $1,323 per year
  • Sandy - $1,378 per year
  • Orem - $1,379 per year
  • St. George - $1,222 per year
  • Hurrican - $1,201 per year
  • North Logan - $1,204 per year
  • Layton - $1,286 per year
  • Millcreek - $1,439 per year
  • Taylorsville - $1,493 per year
  • South Jordan - $1,390 per year
  • Lehi - $1,342 per year
  • Draper - $1,373 per year
  • Murray - $1,445 per year
  • Bountiful -$1,296 per year
  • Roy - $1,303 per year
  • Kearns - $1,449 per year
  • Spanish Fork - $1,340 per year
  • Cedar City - $1,365 per year

A noticeable car insurance trend to come out of Utah within recent years was a decrease in the average cost of car insurance. In 2017, you would be able to insure a car for $1,796 annually in Utah. In 2021, the state average dropped down to $1,386.

However, there has been a $73 increase in annual premiums in Utah within the last year, with more drivers returning to the road, with inflation playing a part as well.

When it comes to pricing trends, Logan is where the rates are at their lowest, while Salt Lake City is where they are at their highest. This is all due to population, traffic, and crime rates being greater in the more populated Salt Lake City.

Cheapest car insurance rates in Utah cities

Logan is a suburban and commuter city, so there are not that many high-speed roads. A lot of the roads tend to be through plains and mountains, which make for great leisurely and spacious drives through nature.

Because everyone is constantly traveling here, there is attention to safe driving, and trains are especially favored over cars. There are other cities in Utah that do come close to matching Logan when it comes to cheap insurance.

Best cities for Cheap car insurance in Utah

Drivers residing in the following Utah cities will also have some luck finding the cheapest insurance in the state for the same or similar reasons as Bountiful. These cities are:

  • Cedar City
  • Enoch
  • Hurricane
  • North Logan

How to find Cheap car insurance in Utah

Car insurance quotes from multiple companies

You have to commit a lot of time and focus to really find the most affordable car insurance you can get as you sift through quotes from several local and national providers all over Utah.

Insurance Navy lets you sit back and relax while they do all the comparing and contrasting, so you don’t have to. The headaches of tedium end now with their free online quotes done lightning quick.

Car insurance premium factors

You really can’t help your age and other such factors that determine how much you pay for car insurance, but there are still ways to act and start saving on your auto insurance. You can do this by taking advantage of every discount you qualify for, along with taking certain precautions and actions with your current policy.

Insurance Navy is proud to offer several discounts for new and existing policyholders with home and auto bundling, environmentally friendly car discounts, and so much more.

Car insurance lapses

While keeping an eye on car insurance discounts you may qualify for, you should also keep an eye on the life of your current auto policy. If your current policy expires on its own without a backup one or renewal, then this will create what is known as a gap or lapse in your insurance history.

This can be a red flag with insurance companies when you are getting a quote, and they can charge you more in premiums because of it. Insurance Navy has you protected from lapses when you are switching to, or canceling, a policy, as they personally make sure your new insurance is all set and ready for action.

Get the Cheapest car insurance quote in Utah from Insurance Navy™

The average cost of car insurance in Utah can be considered affordable on its own. Insurance Navy helps add a whole new level of affordability as your Utah insurance broker.

Policyholders aren’t only able to find cheap coverage but drive as an expert in car insurance with the Insurance Navy app and instant policy management. Several discounts, low-cost insurance products, and savings for residents of Utah are a free online quote away.

*This car insurance product may not be available in every state. Please call an insurance agent for more information.