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Cheap Car Insurance in Louisiana

Let Insurance Navy be Your Guide to The Cheapest Car Insurance in Louisiana

Louisiana is iconically known as the Mardi Gras and jazz destination of the United States. The French Quarter from the colonial era is visited by millions of tourists annually, which makes New Orleans the largest city in the state. Meanwhile, Baton Rouge operates as the second largest city just 81 miles west.

Roads run over swamps, bayous, and greenery that seems exotic to some visitors. The birds of prey and alligator population give a special predatory edge to the wilderness. Driving through the cities also offers that metropolitan slice of life. With all this diverse terrain, just how high and low can car insurance rates in Louisiana be?


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The average cost of car insurance varies from state to state because there are so many personal and circumstantial factors. In fact, it’s not often that drivers pay the exact amount for car insurance. In the case of Louisiana, drivers tend to pay more than 50% of the national annual average.

But that doesn’t mean that finding affordable car insurance in Louisiana is impossible. A general rule of thumb is that drivers in less populated and less frequented traffic cities pay less for car insurance than those in the larger, more populated ones. So, you can imagine that car insurance rates in cities like New Orleans and Baton Rouge run the highest.

Finding cheap car insurance is also a manner of shopping and looking hard enough. There are local and national providers all around the state of Louisiana, all competing for the lowest rates. Below is a guide on how you, as a policyholder of Insurance Navy, can take advantage of these in an easy and affordable manner.

Car Insurance Requirements For Louisiana Drivers

The Basics About Car Insurance in Louisiana

Even if you are not a resident of Louisiana, you may be familiar with the minimum required car insurance of your home state. Nearly every state in the country has coverage standards for its drivers, and Louisiana is no different.

General liability car insurance accounts for damage and injuries that you cause to other drivers. It’s a legal responsibility to be accountable for any costs accumulated because of it. Not carrying car insurance in accordance with Louisiana laws can result in penalties like fines and even suspension of driving privileges. This also gives insurance companies in Louisiana the chance to be competitive with the rates they offer.


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The Minimum Requirements For Car Insurance in Louisiana

As a driver in Louisiana, you are required to at least carry the following amounts in general liability car insurance:

  • Bodily injury liability: $25,000 per person
  • Bodily injury liability: $50,000 per accident
  • Property damage liability: $20,000 per accident

As previously mentioned, this basic car insurance provides coverage for any damage and injuries you are at fault for and caused to another driver. Even so, it’s still recommended that you carry much, much more coverage than the listed amounts, as just $25,000 and $50,000 may not be enough when a significant accident occurs. You never want to be underinsured, so it’s important to get the coverage you need. This, however, depends on your personal and vehicle factors and needs.


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Optional Car Insurance Coverage in Louisiana

Having a full coverage car policy isn’t just optional in the state of Louisiana. Every driver in the United States has the option to add coverages that insure injuries and damage to yourself in a variety of circumstances. Optional car insurance coverages include:

  • Comprehensive car insurance
  • Collision car insurance
  • Gap insurance
  • Personal injury protection (PIP) coverage
  • Roadside assistance insurance
  • Rental car reimbursement coverage
  • Uninsured motorist coverage

How Drivers in Louisiana Are Penalized For Driving Without Car Insurance

You won’t be able to get away with driving without car insurance in any state without the consequences eventually finding you –be it in the form of an accident that you can’t pay the damages for or you are found out by authorities. So, you should always drive with proof of car insurance on hand. Penalties for driving uninsured in Louisiana range in severity based on the offense:

  • First-time offenders are usually penalized with fines up to $1,000 depending on the Louisiana parish and court. More fines can be added if an uninsured driver causes an accident. Your vehicle registration may also be revoked along with your driver’s license and can be suspended for up to three months. Your car may also be impounded. As a result, leaving you responsible for any associated fees.
  • Second-time offenders are penalized with a minimum fine of $500 while still going up to $1,000. Car registration will be revoked, and license will be suspended until proof of car insurance is provided. Your license plate will be confiscated because of this, and your vehicle (which may be impounded) will be undrivable until all is resolved. Any associated fees from impoundment and license renewal will also be your responsibility.
  • Third-time offenders are hit with large fines of at least $1,000. Your vehicle may also be impounded and have the plates confiscated as well. Your license will also be suspended for at least three months. By now, all penalties are maximized to be the most punishing since you really should have insurance. Reinstatement and impoundment fees must also be taken care of.

Cheap Car Insurance in Louisiana For Basic Coverage

It can’t be stressed enough that cheap car insurance for basic and even full coverage at times is possible –it just takes some shopping and digging. Naturally, drivers pay less for basic liability coverage because it’s legally required in Louisiana and several other states as the bare basic auto insurance. Through basic comparing and contrasting many of the local and national insurance providers in the state, affordable and cheap insurance is within your grasp.

How Much Car Insurance Costs in Louisiana

The exact cost of any resident of Louisiana’s auto insurance is a deeply personal thing as it depends on various personal, vehicle, and location factors. Again, it’s not often when two drivers pay the exact amount in insurance premiums for anything and not just auto coverage.

When it comes down to the average cost of basic auto coverage in the state of Louisiana, it’s over the national average, unfortunately. According to data, drivers in Louisiana pay 50% more for car insurance than the average American. That puts the state annual average at $2,724 for full coverage and nearly $1,000 for basic coverage. This is about $227 or $80 in monthly rates.

Factors That Determine How Much You Pay For Car Insurance

Just how personal is the cost of your auto insurance? The following are some of the foremost factors that car insurance companies will look at when determining your insurance rates:

  • Car’s make and model
  • Your driving history
  • Your age
  • Your Louisiana zip code
  • Your marital status
  • Where you park or store your car
  • Listed sex on your driver’s license
  • Your credit score

Again, it’s essential that any prospective car insurance company knows these factors about you during the quoting process. They can’t discriminate or single out anyone because of credit score or listed sex. Still, everyone will be subject to different car insurance rates because everyone is different. The following section elaborates on how.

How Does Age Impact Your Car Insurance Rates?

One of the most universally known truths about auto insurance, regardless of location, is that the youngest drivers pay the most for coverage. This is simply because, as new drivers, they are the riskiest to insure because they don’t have much of a track record for safe driving –at least not yet.

16 to 25-year-old drivers specifically pay nearly ten times the amount the average driver does. Aside from good student discounts that don’t make much of a difference, there isn’t much you can do as a young driver to improve your standing other than aging and being the safest driver you can be.

Statistics show that car insurance rates begin to average out when a driver turns 26. It’s also during this time when they would usually get their own auto insurance policy if they were on their parents’ for the time being. Of course, safe driving will have to be made habitual in order to get the most affordable car insurance down the line. As drivers become seniors, usually aged 65 and up, they may notice their car insurance rates begin to climb again. This is the case for all drivers, not just in Louisiana but all around the United States. Age is just something that we can’t help, so we make the best of it.

How Can Young Drivers in Louisiana Find Affordable Car Insurance?

Data for new and young drivers in Louisiana shows that 18-year-old drivers pay about $8,300 annually for auto insurance of their own. This is roughly four times the national average. Some brand-new drivers at 16 are even known to pay over $10,000 annually for coverage.

Finding affordable and even cheap car insurance for young drivers in Louisiana isn’t impossible. As previously stated, parents are able to lower the cost of insurance for their kids by having them on their policy until they reach the age when their car insurance rates begin to lower. Insurance Navy has plenty of experience with old and new drivers alike. Several local and national insurance rates are compared, and the most affordable option is singled out.

How do Zipcodes Impact Your Car Insurance Rates?

Those five-digit numbers can actually be very telling of your local lifestyle and area. Things such as traffic patterns, population, and crime rates can be gathered by car insurance companies just by looking at your zip code.

Louisiana cities like New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Lafayette are home to some of the highest car insurance rates in the city because of their size, population, traffic, and crime, as you can generalize from this information.

Can Drivers With At-Fault Accidents on Their Driver’s History Still Find Cheap Car Insurance?

In Louisiana, an at-fault accident markup will increase how much you pay for auto insurance annually by 50%. The mark on your driving history of the accident will stay on for up to three years in the meantime.

The good news is that Insurance Navy offers first-time accident forgiveness with certain auto policies for drivers in Louisiana. Your first at-fault accident would not affect your rates.

Can Drivers With Bad Credit Still Find Low-Cost Car Insurance?

Auto insurance is all about making your monthly premium payments on time, and there is no better indicator of your reliability in doing so than your credit score. When a car insurance company sees that you have a subpar credit score, then they may compensate you with higher rates.

Several studies back up the correlation between drivers with less than average credit scores and filing auto insurance claims. Insurance Navy understands that everyone is working to improve their credit score in some way, since a good one is needed for some major decisions in life, like renting an apartment. While you work to improve your credit, affordable auto insurance is not out of the question.

What Cars Get The Cheapest Car Insurance in Louisiana?

Another general rule of thumb known in the auto insurance world is that newer, high-performance, and luxurious vehicles are subject to much higher rates than older, more standard ones with a proven track record of safety. Newer vehicles are often equipped with the latest technology on the market, which is also a reason for higher rates.

Louisiana treats sports vehicles and top-of-the-line models very seriously with their premiums, considering the crime rates in some cities. Storms and weather also make vehicles in general unable to insure since damage can also happen well beyond their control. While older and more standard vehicles generally get the cheapest car insurance, Insurance Navy still strives to set a new lower average cost for drivers of more flashy and performance-based vehicles with several discount opportunities.

Do Car Insurance Companies Consider How Much You Drive?

This almost feels like a natural assumption. As long as you are driving in your vehicle, there is always the risk of getting into an accident at any moment. Data shows that the average American driver accumulates about 14,263 miles annually. Those with driving as their profession or who frequently commute to work in a different city may find themselves driving more than 20,000 miles per year.

Towns and cities are spread out by highways in Louisiana, so regular commuters may be already driving more than the national per year average. This also may be the case why Louisiana drivers pay more for car insurance than the national average.

How Traffic Violations in Louisiana Affect Your Car Insurance

  • A not-at-fault accident in Louisiana can increase your auto rates by 3%.
  • An auto insurance claim can increase your rates by up to 20%.
  • A speeding ticket can increase your rates by 48%.
  • An at-fault accident can increase your rates by 46%.
  • Reckless driving can increase your rates by 52%.
  • Street racing can increase your rates by 53%.
  • A DUI can increase your rates by 58%.
  • Driving with a suspended Louisiana license can increase your rates by 58%.
  • An SR-22 requirement can also double your rates as a whole.

*The above-listed rate increases are based on estimates and averages. How much exactly your rates will increase after any of the above traffic violations depends on your insurance provider and place of residence in Louisiana.

What Are The Cheapest Car Insurance Options For Drivers With DUI Charges in Louisiana?

There isn’t a single state in America that takes driving under the influence lightly. Never mind the legal and auto insurance penalties; driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol can be a life and death matter.

Increases in insurance rates and fines are just the tip of the DUI penalty iceberg in Louisiana. Jail time and license suspension for varying periods of time can be given based on the offense. A DUI charge can remain on your Louisiana driving record for ten years, along with SR-22 insurance being required in order to get auto insurance again. With this on your back, finding cheap car insurance for the next decade can be a challenge.

Insurance Navy realizes that high-risk drivers from all walks of life are just working to improve their driver standing and habits –and of course, find the best and cheap coverage for themselves while doing so. While they aren’t paying the standard Louisiana average for auto insurance, high-risk drivers with things like a DUI charge and SR-22 requirement can find a new affordable average with Insurance Navy.

SR-22s in Louisiana

Louisiana drivers that have been charged with a DUI, or a history of regular traffic violations, will be required by the state DMV to get what is known as SR-22 insurance. An SR-22 isn’t insurance on its own, but rather a certification that states that you, as a high-risk driver, carry at least the required amount of coverage that Louisiana requires.

You are meant to carry and maintain SR-22 insurance for around three years. Meanwhile, your actual insurance can be customized with basic or full coverage. Still, you will be subject to the high-risk driver rates compared to average ones. That doesn’t have to be the case with Insurance Navy’s aforementioned affordable high-risk driver coverage. They also specialize in SR-22 filing services with the Louisiana DMV.

Can Drivers With Speeding Violations Find Low-Cost Car Insurance in Louisiana?

In most states, a speeding ticket will often increase insurance rates by around 20%. Louisiana car insurance companies seem to punish them more severely, with coverage cost increases of up to 48%. Because these violations tend to stay on a driver’s record for three to five years, auto coverage costs don’t even out until then.

Insurance Navy believes that a speeding ticket shouldn’t mean the end of your auto coverage budget as you know it. That’s why they competitively compare several local and national rates for drivers with speeding tickets for the best premiums while policyholders work to become safer drivers.

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost in The Cities of Louisiana?

One of the biggest influences on how much car insurance companies will charge you for coverage is where you live. As you are about to see, insurance rates differ all across the cities of Louisiana of varying size, population, crime, and traffic. Below you can see how all this affects the average cost of coverage in these respective Louisiana cities.

Average Costs of Car Insurance in Cities in Louisiana

  • Mandeville - $2,560 annually
  • Hammond - $2,830 annually
  • Slidell - $2,772 annually
  • Covington - $2,592 annually
  • Lafayette - $2,819 annually
  • Shreveport - $2,436 annually
  • Metairie - $3,271 annually
  • Kenner - $3,339 annually
  • Baton Rouge - $3,091 annually
  • Marrero - $2,727 annually
  • New Orleans - $4,234 annually

The most noticeable trend regarding auto insurance in Louisiana is, without a doubt, the rise in the cost within the last year. The previous Louisiana annual average was around $2,225, but as you can gather from the current averages listed above, that is more or less the new minimum rather than the average.

Louisiana has truly set its own standard with the cost of its insurance. Inflation and supply chain issues have been found to contribute to the increase in the cost of coverage within the last year. Some residents of Louisiana have even reported rate increases by up to 35% during this time.

Meanwhile, the largest city of New Orleans continues to be the location with the most expensive vehicle insurance. The town of Hornbeck is reported to have the lowest insurance rates in Louisiana.

Cities in Louisiana With The Lowest Premiums

As previously stated, the town of Hornbeck has the lowest coverage rates in Louisiana. With a population of less than 500, it’s no wonder why the western town is the safest place to drive and keep a vehicle –fewer people mean less crime and traffic. Other cities and towns in Louisiana with notably low premiums are listed in the section below.

More Cities in Louisiana With Low Premiums

Residents of the following Louisiana towns and cities are easily able to find cheap car insurance because the local rates there are much lower than in other areas. Still, low-cost insurance that prioritizes savings isn’t impossible to find in other cities in Louisiana. Here are some of the prime cities and towns for coverage costs:

  • Hornbeck
  • Ruston
  • Bossier City
  • Shreveport
  • Mandeville
  • Covington
  • West Monroe

How Can Insurance Navy Get You Low-Cost Louisiana Car Insurance?

Insurance Navy’s Proven Quoting Process

The most time-consuming and even most important part of getting low-cost car insurance coverage is the shopping part. In order to find the very best rates, you will have to wade through several local and national car insurance companies. Sometimes the coverage with the best value can pass you by if you don’t look hard enough. Insurance Navy prides itself on doing all the tedious coverage comparing for you, regardless of driver risk, area of residence, and additional insurance requirements.

How Can You Personally Affect The Cost of Auto Insurance?

The cost of your car insurance is a deeply personal thing, as you have been reading. While you can take actions such as bundling your home and auto coverage and inquiring about other discounts to lessen your cost. At the same time, there are several circumstances like age and marks on your driving record where the best course of action is to be the safest driver you can be and steer clear of filing claims as your rates gradually lower.

Do Not Allow Your Auto Policy to Lapse

Lapsed car insurance refers to a period of time when you go uninsured without any coverage from any provider. This can be a short burst or an extended period. This creates what is known as a gap in your insurance history, which car insurance companies are sure to notice, and charge higher premiums as a result. Switching to Insurance Navy will ensure that you have new coverage ready to go, and replace the old without any complications.

Get Louisiana Uninsured Motorist Coverage

While you may be paying more for additional coverage like uninsured motorist coverage, an insurance product like that will come in handy for a driver in a state like Louisiana. You’d be surprised with how many drivers choose to illegally forgo car insurance. Insurance Navy also helps by finding providers that charge little to nothing for this add-on which should be essential.

Get Your Free Louisiana Car Insurance Quote With Insurance Navy Today

Cheap and budgeted car insurance is within your reach when you choose Insurance Navy as your insurance broker for all your auto coverage needs. Start with your free online quote today regardless of your hometown in Louisiana, driving history, SR-22 requirements, and even credit. Policyholders are also able to enjoy professional and dedicated customer and claims services along with staying up to date on their auto coverage should they make any changes at their leisure.

*This product may not be available in every state, please call an agent for more information.

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