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You may know Florida as the Sunshine State and one of the foremost vacation destinations in the United States. However, there are millions of Americans that also call Florida home.

Outside the usual tourism fluxes, major Florida cities like Orlando, Miami, and Tampa Bay have a diverse population of residents. While those that visit destinations like Disney World, Universal Studios, and Busch Gardens don’t do a whole lot of driving, the downtown areas tend to have more congested traffic.

As Florida drivers commute through turnpikes, coastal highways, or even through the everglades –they will naturally need car insurance to go with it like nearly every other state in America. So, the main question is, just how much does car insurance cost in Florida with everything considered? The car insurance scene in the Sunshine State is kind of a mixed bag when it comes to rates.

While finding cheap car insurance in Florida is possible, the average car insurance cost for the state is higher than the national average itself –for both basic and full coverage car insurance.

Florida drivers are known to pay nearly 50% more for car insurance overall, in fact. The reasons for this include the highly frequented roads of Florida’s downtown areas and the numerous senior communities and drivers. Florida cities like Tampa, Boca Raton, and Miami have the highest local insurance rates for these reasons.

As previously mentioned, finding affordable and even cheap car insurance can be done in Florida, even though it has some of the highest rates in the country. Competition is what the car insurance business is all about and thrives in.

Insurance Navy is one of many insurance companies in the game with a reputation for being a beacon of affordability when it comes to Florida car insurance.

Car insurance requirements for Florida drivers

The basics about Car insurance in Florida

You don’t need to live in Florida to know why it requires all drivers to have at least a certain amount of car insurance. Nearly every state, except New Hampshire, has car insurance laws in place that drivers are required to follow.

It’s really a legal responsibility to cover any damages and injuries you cause to other drivers. Every state has its own minimum amount of coverage.

The required coverage is general liability car insurance. This is the most basic type of Florida car insurance that will cover any damage or injuries you are at fault for after an accident or collision with another driver. When people refer to basic car insurance, this is the coverage they are referring to.

Not carrying car insurance or driving uninsured can result in serious penalties that can even result in losing your driving privileges. The good news is that you have several local and national car insurance companies to choose from in Florida.

Minimum requirements for Car insurance in Florida

Florida is known for having some of the lowest required coverage for its drivers. Still, that doesn’t mean you should just settle for the minimums. Drivers in Florida must carry at least the following in coverage:

You may notice that Florida is quite different from other states when it comes to the basic insurance they require. Rather than have car insurance that covers damage you would cause to others, Florida drivers carry car insurance that insures themselves like PIP.

Only property damage liability would cover damages, and no injuries, that you cause to another. Of course, it’s highly recommended that you pay far more than just the minimum required amounts, as $10,000 is rarely enough to cover every damage.

Optional Car insurance coverage in Florida

In addition to the mandatory Florida car insurance, there are several different optional coverages you can add to your auto policy to increase your overall insurance against other types of damages. Every driver in the United States has this opportunity with a variety of car insurance products available.

The coverages include:

How Florida drivers are penalized for driving without Car insurance

States everywhere crack down on drivers without car insurance –Florida is no exception. It won’t be long until you are found out and promptly charged for it. Each uninsured offense brings more severe penalties, so it always helps to make sure you have car insurance before hitting the Florida roads.

These penalties include:

  • First-time offenders of driving uninsured in Florida are subject to a driver’s license suspension of up to one year and a reinstatement fee of $150.
  • Second-time offenders of driving uninsured in Florida are subject to a driver’s license suspension of up to two years and a reinstatement fee of around $250 along with SR22 requirements for three years.
  • Third-time offenders of driving uninsured in Florida are subject to a driver’s license suspension of up to three years and a reinstatement fee of around $500 along with SR22 requirements for three years.

Cheap car insurance in Florida for basic coverage

The whole point of the car insurance business is to compete for the lowest rates in town, even in states where drivers pay much more than average for car insurance coverage. It takes a whole lot of time and comparing when shopping for car insurance to find such rates.

Shopping around for Florida car insurance is actually one of the most important things you can do when it comes to finding the cheapest car insurance, and not just in Florida.

There are several local and national car insurance companies for drivers to choose from, each one with its own pricing. Of course, how much you pay for car insurance also depends on some personal factors.

How much does Car insurance cost in Florida?

Car insurance in Florida costs much more than the national average. This is primarily due to Florida not being an at-fault state and the reliance on drivers' appropriate coverage of their own.

Basic coverage alone costs a lot in Florida at an average cost of $2,313 annually. Full or Comprehensive car insurance coverage in Florida can cost upwards of $6,685 annually. This is some of the most expensive insurance in the country. Why is this the case for drivers in Florida? The factors below explain why.

How age affects your Car insurance rates

The most commonly known and understood fact of auto insurance among customers and shoppers is that young teen drivers will have the highest premiums. This is because they are proven to be the riskiest drivers to insure due to their lack of driving records. There is a proven correlation between new drivers and filing auto claims, as insurance companies have found out.

Specifically, drivers in the age group of 16 to 25 pay the most car coverage. Some are even known to pay 10 times the amount that average drivers pay for insurance.

In the state of Florida, that can translate to several of thousands of dollars annually. Aside from small discounts that may be available based on the insurance company you choose, the only remedy for this is the passage of time and aging.

The good news is that if you maintain good driving habits and do not file too many claims by the time you turn 26, you will find your insurance rates will begin to average out and lower. Young drivers are often put on their parents’ or household auto policy until they turn 25 and can get affordable car insurance on their own.

Regardless of age, you’ll find that good driving habits will always have better luck finding the cheapest car insurance. When you reach the age of 65, you may notice your insurance rates beginning to increase. Every state keeps up with its drivers’ age as it can be very telling of their risk and even experience as a driver.

How can young drivers find Cheap car insurance in Florida?

An 18-year-old driver in Florida can pay anywhere from $7,116 to $14,784 annually for basic or comprehensive car insurance. That is pretty substantial compared to the Florida average of $2,313 and $6,685 annually for most drivers. The younger and more new the drivers are than the more they will typically pay.

It’s entirely possible for young drivers in Florida to find cheap car insurance. There are local and national car insurance companies all over the Sunshine State competing for the best car insurance rates in town, even when it comes to the newest drivers.

There are plenty that offers at least a small degree of savings or car insurance discounts for good student drivers being placed on their parent’s policy or going the more expensive route of having their own. Insurance Navy sees customers in both of these scenarios and has plenty of experience doing so.

Several of the best car insurance companies for new and young drivers are compared in an instant when you get a free online quote with Insurance Navy. New drivers can even find affordable full comprehensive coverage.

Florida zip codes and their impact on Car insurance premiums

Another major personal factor that has a hand in determining how much you will pay for vehicle coverage is where you live, and your zip code is very telling of associated risks. They can be informative about local traffic rates, population and number of drivers, and crime rates which insurance companies must know.

For reasons like those, Florida cities like Miami, Palm Beach, Hialeah, Homestead, and Opa Locka have the most expensive insurance rates in the state. These are the more populated areas of Florida, with several senior drivers on the road along with modest crime rates. You can get a general idea of whether or not your own car insurance cost for your car will be more than average based on how these factors affect your Florida zip code.

Cheap auto insurance in Florida for drivers with accidents on their driving record

One of the best aspects of insurance in Florida is that it’s a no-fault state. This means that none of the drivers involved in an accident will be on the line for all the damage and injuries they caused; their own insurance will cover their own injuries and damage. Your Florida car insurance rates will not drastically be changed after an accident as they would in other states where fault is everything.

However, no-fault drivers are able to file lawsuits against you or any other driver involved in the accident for other losses like pain and suffering. This can naturally cost a lot in the long and short run. Insurance Navy also proudly offers first-time accident forgiveness insurance products for drivers in at-fault states.

How drivers with poor credit scores can find Cheaper auto insurance in Florida

Your credit score will follow you into some of the major financial decisions of your life, and insurance for your car is no exception. A credit score is also reflective of how reliable you are when it comes to making monthly payments which is what your insurance rates are all about. So, if you have a subpar credit score, you may notice insurance companies assigning you higher rates in response.

This isn’t just due to financial reliability; there is also an established correlation between bad credit scores and filing car insurance claims. However, your credit score is a lot like your driving record and can be improved at any time.

Insurance Navy sees customers currently working on improving their credit every day and understands the importance and need to save during this time. Affordable car insurance with bad credit is still doable even for those with poor credit scores.

Cars that get the Cheapest car insurance in Florida

It’s common for new car owners to avoid the newest and most luxurious makes and models on the market because it’s these cars that often cost the most to insure. There are several valid reasons for this.

These cars are made from expensive components and come equipped with the most up-to-date technology, like sensors and onboard computers, insurance companies will quote them at higher rates.

Florida is one of the states where sports and luxury vehicles are most commonly driven, given all the people enjoying retirement and a climate that allows for these types of cars to be safely driven all year round. With these types of cars frequenting the road, it’s no wonder why Florida insurance rates are so high.

Still, you can save on auto coverage if you drive a modest, older car with established safety. These cars also tend to be a lot cheaper overall.

What if you drive more than the average Florida driver?

Naturally, Florida auto insurance companies will at least consider how much you drive overall, be it for regular commutes or for business purposes. It helps to at least have an idea of how many miles you drive in a year, as the average American drives around 14,263. This doesn’t mean you’ll overpay for car insurance, but if you drive more than this –the car insurance company may take notice.

Florida is home to several turnpikes and highways that see regular traffic expected of big metropolitan areas. This is a small part of the reason why car insurance rates are the way they are in the Sunshine State.

How traffic violations can raise your Car insurance in Florida

  • An accident, in general, can increase your car insurance rates by 4% in Florida.
  • One PIP claim won’t increase your car insurance rates in Florida, but at least two will by 7%.
  • A speeding ticket can increase your car insurance rates by 8% in Florida.
  • Reckless driving can increase your car insurance rates by 38% in Florida.
  • Street racing can increase your car insurance rates by 71% in Florida.
  • A DUI can increase your car insurance rates by 72% in Florida
  • Driving with a suspended license in Florida can increase your rates by up to 50%.
  • An SR-22 or FR-44 requirement can increase your car insurance rates by 70% or even double them in Florida.

*These listed increases are more so based on averages than actual cases. The rate increases you may personally experience will differ based on your car insurance company and where you live in Florida.

Cheapest car insurance in Florida for drivers with a DUI

No matter where you go or how you structure it, driving under the influence of alcohol is extremely dangerous and cracked down on everywhere. While drivers with a DUI conviction won’t get the cheapest car insurance around, there is still hope for them to find affordable coverage and not break the bank as they work to become safer drivers.

DUIs are highly punishable with fines, suspension of driving privileges, and additional car insurance requirements. Jail time may also be a factor, depending on the offense. A DUI will stay on your driving recordin the state of Florida for up to ten years. This can make finding affordable car insurance difficult, but not impossible, as previously mentioned.

Insurance Navy is known for its insurance services for high-risk drivers, including SR-22 filing assistance. We understand that drivers with traffic violations and convictions are doing their best to get better, and they shouldn’t have to overpay for car insurance. Again, they wouldn’t get the lowest premiums, but Insurance Navy strives to set a new low-cost average for drivers with a DUI conviction.

SR-22 insurance in Florida

SR-22 insurance, as it’s often called, isn’t really a type of car insurance. Rather, it’s a certification that a high-risk driver, like someone with a DUI conviction, carries car insurance.

An SR-22 is usually filed with the state DMV; in this case, it would be Florida. However, Florida is a notable difference because it has both SR-22 and FR-44 insurance requirements for high-risk drivers.

A Florida SR-22 will be required if you have committed a traffic violation like driving without insurance or reckless driving. An FR-44 would be required if you were driving under the influence.

Both have the same function. As a high-risk driver, you will already be paying more than average for car insurance. SR-22 and FR-44s are renewed on an annual basis and maintained for about three years. As previously mentioned, Insurance Navy proudly offers SR-22 and FR-44 services.

Low-cost car insurance in Florida for drivers with speeding tickets

Compared to other states, speeding violations in Florida don’t increase the cost of car insurance by a whole lot. An 8% increase is better than a 20% increase any day of the year.

Speeding violations do tend to stay on a driving record for anywhere from three to five years, so car insurance companies will continue to notice the mark during this time.

A speeding ticket should never mean that car insurance should become a luxury. Insurance Navy competitively compares several rates in the area to find drivers with such tickets as the lowest cost option.

In a state like Florida, drivers can absolutely find low-cost car insurance after a speeding violation.

How much Car insurance in Florida costs in  different cities

You’re about to see in detail just how much your place of residence in Florida affects the cost of your car insurance.

Population, crime rates, traffic patterns, and how much people in your area drive are all major risk indicators. You can see how these are different for each city below.

Average cost of Car insurance in Florida cities

  • Jacksonville - $2,503 per year
  • Miami - $3,713 per year
  • Orlando - $2,698 per year
  • Tampa - $3,459 per year
  • Tennessee - $2,208 per year
  • St. Petersburg - $2,980 per year
  • Hialeah - $3,777 per year
  • Naples - $2,073 per year
  • West Palm Beach - $3,563 per year
  • Ocala - $2,195 per year
  • Boca Raton - $3,389 per year
  • Gainesville - $1,955 per year
  • Lakeland - $2,520 per year
  • Fort Lauderdale - $3,224 per year
  • Bradenton - $2,381 per year
  • Pembroke Pines - $3,160 per year
  • Cape Coral - $2,212 per year
  • Boynton Beach - $3,672 per year
  • Lake Worth - $3,593 per year

Because car insurance is so based on age, you’ll find that cities and communities in Florida with senior drivers have some higher than average rates. Florida remains the foremost retirement destination in the United States, with elderly people leaving the workforce and getting ready to take it easy. It’s also around this age when car insurance begins to increase.

Within the last year, it has also been found that the cost of full comprehensive coverage in Florida increased by 17%. This is largely due to inflation and the cost of living increasing in some areas of the country. To this day, Florida continues to rank as the most expensive state for car insurance.

Cities with Low-cost auto insurance rates in Florida

As you have seen, Gainesville is the city in Florida with the least expensive car insurance. Granted, the average of $1,955 per year is about $350 higher than the national average –it’s the cheapest that a driver in Florida can get for full coverage.

Gainesville is known for its modest population of around 133,611 compared to the bigger cities in Florida and is less frequented by tourists.

What other cities have the Cheapest car insurance in Florida?

There are a couple of cities that follow Gainesville in the ranks of cheapest car insurance in Florida, but full coverage will always cost at least $2,000 annually. Still, these cities make for great living spaces and amenities:

  • Callaway
  • Naples
  • Ocala

How Insurance Navy can help you find the Cheapest car insurance in Florida

Insurance Navy’s free and competitive Low-cost auto insurance quotes

Insurance Navy is known for handling all of the time-consuming grunt work that is comparing car insurance rates –arguably the most important thing someone shopping for coverage can do.

Just by entering your information in our free online calculator, we compare several low-cost rates at once and single out the best one for you. Regardless of risk or insurance needs, there is a policy and car insurance company that Insurance Navy could find for anyone.

What you can do to save money on Car insurance

Car insurance is a business, and like any business, there are car insurance discounts for great customers. There are several ways you can apply for discounts when it comes to car insurance. In fact, you may even qualify for one you may not have known existed, like a green car discount for hybrid and electric vehicles.

There are also ones you can personally get involved with getting, like a safe driver discount, anti-theft discount or one for paying for your coverage all at once rather than monthly. While you can’t change certain factors like your age, you can take control of things like your driving record or credit score.

Avoid Car insurance lapses

Whether you are buying a new car or getting new insurance, you should always make sure that you never go a minute with car insurance. Insurance companies look at your coverage history and are sure to notice gaps or lapses in car insurance coverage.

It always helps to stay on top of your car insurance coverage and validity during times like that. It just may end up saving you, literally.

Get your free and quick Auto insurance quote from Insurance Navy at any time

Affordable and even cheap car insurance is within your reach regardless of your risk when you get a quote with Insurance Navy.

Policyholders always report at least some degree of saving when they switch and have a lot of good things to say about our knowledgeable and bilingual agents and staff.

Our customers coverage is also entirely in their hands with the user-friendly Insurance Navy app. With services now available in Florida, drivers of the Sunshine State can start saving today.

Getting Cheap car insurance in Florida is easy with Insurance Navy!

Insurance Navy provides Online auto insurance quotes to all Florida residents!

*This product may not be available in every state, please call an agent for more information.