Halloween: Safe Ways To Celebrate In 2020

Halloween remains the spookiest time of year, however this year’s Halloween will receive the COVID-19 treatment. While local municipalities have their own rules for the holiday, people are in search of safe ways to trick-or-treat. And in a year full of tricks, I think everyone is in need of a treat. So I have compiled a list of safe ways to celebrate Halloween in 2020.

Before I go over ways to celebrate Halloween safely this year, I must stress that each area of the country will have varying rules. Having said that, most of the rules and guidelines will derive from CDC regulations, which many are familiar with now. These include but are not limited to wearing a mask, staying out of and away from large gatherings, and staying home if you have an underlying condition. 

Leaving Candy On The Driveway/Sidewalk/Lobby

Small, Outdoor Gatherings

Virtual Party/Costume Contest

Leaving Candy On The Driveway/Porch

Trick-or-treating remains a staple of Halloween, at least for children, yet it may not be a safe activity this year if done improperly. Traditionally, trick-or-treaters knock on neighbor’s doors and are handed candy.

Yet, under new guidelines, it may work out best for everyone if people left candy out as opposed to the traditional way. If you have a driveway or sidewalk where people can easily access it, then leave your bowl of candy there. 

For those in apartment units, it may not be possible to leave candy out. Instead, consider using your building’s lobby/entryway as a possible alternative. Again, adhere to local and CDC guidelines before taking any action. 

Small, Outdoor Gatherings

If you do plan on having a Halloween party, please utilize the outdoors to maximize safety. Small, cramped spaces provided little in terms of ways for air to flow out. So do not hold your gathering indoors. 

For your outdoor gathering, the CDC asks that people still practice social distancing and face mask wearing. Heck, if you can work a facemask into your costume then you’ve essentially knocked two birds with one stone.  

If you do not possess the space for a small gathering outdoors, it may be best to just not have one. Understandably, people will want to dress up and show off a costume but this year is just not a good time to do so in person. 

Virtual Party/Costume Contests

If you do not feel comfortable with the above compromises, you can always take advantage of virtual technology. Whether you use Zoom, Facetime, or other methods of communication, they all give you the same opportunity to connect with friends and family. 

For example, if you wanted to show off the costume you purchased or created yourself, you can still do that. In fact, if you normally have some kind of Halloween costume contest, it can be done via virtual conferencing. 

Although connecting virtually does not have the same feel as in-person connections, it does provide a safe way to connect on Halloween. And at the end of the day, the efforts we take now to prevent further spread of COVID-19 improves our chances of returning to normal.