Filing A Claim

Filing a claim form can be an overwhelming process but knowing exactly what to do on your behalf can guarantee a smoother and quicker claims process. If you need to file a claim with your insurance company, Insurance Navy is here to help. We do not handle claims directly but we will guide you through the claims process. Additionally, we’ll work with your insurance company to make sure your rates stay competitive even after a claim.

Therefore, if you need help filing a claim, please call us at 888-949-6289 or visit us at any of our Insurance Navy locations. Our offices are available to help with this and more topics from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m, Monday through Friday, and even on weekends. That’s right, we’re open seven days a week for your convenience. 

More Information

Our customer service team is full of adaptive agents who serve clients efficiently with their immense talent and knowledge. They can help with many diverse topics including unemployment insurance, weekly benefit amounts, benefit payments, etc.

We also have a strong presence on social media. So, like or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. After that, we can keep you updated on helpful news and tips regarding insurance claims, local events and much more.

Additionally, we can help you find an insurance quote right on our website. Because we want to help you save money wherever possible, we offer our insurance quotes completely free of charge. By navigating our website, you can also inform yourself about many useful topics, such as the time limit required for you to notify the insurance company about a crash, how to file a police report, and situations in which your coverage will pay for repair costs for your vehicle.

Lastly, we also have blogs that may help you with any questions you have. For instance, our blogs cover many different topics. From how often you should shop for car insurance, to information on the Uber rewards program.

*Please review your own policy carefully for details on the auto insurance claims process. Claims processes vary by the insurance company.