Frequently Asked Questions About Car Insurance


What Happens If I Lie About My Driving History?

Firstly, lying about your driving history is “soft fraud”. So, if you lie about your driving history, your insurance company can deny you services and cancel the car insurance policy.

What Happens If I Do Not Buy Auto Insurance?

If you get in an accident and do not have car insurance, the other driver may sue you. Additionally, you may face jail time.

Can I Put Anyone On My Policy?

Yes, you can put anybody on your insurance policy. However, you can only add them if they live under the same address as you do.

What Happens If I Forget To Pay My Premium?

Insurance Navy offers courtesy payment reminder calls. But, if you miss your premium, you will be charged a late fee and may face insurance cancellation for nonpayment.

What Is An Insurance Deductible?

A deductible is the amount of money you are required to pay after an accident before your insurance company takes over the remaining amount.

Do I Have To Notify My Insurance Company If I Move?

Yes, report a change of address to your car insurance company immediately. Address changes may affect your insurance rates and your insurance company may also deny any claims if the correct address is not on file.

Will A Red Car Make My Insurance Bills Higher?

No. This is a common myth surrounding auto insurance policies. Driving a red car does not make your insurance premiums more expensive.

Does My Auto Policy Cover A Rental Vehicle?

Possibly, but only if you have rental reimbursement.

How Long Does It Take To File A Claim?

Filing a claim is a quick process. For instance, you may file a claim online, over the phone, in-person or through our mobile app. And, because we care about your convenience, the process should take no more than 15 minutes.

What Happens If I Cancel My Policy Before The Contract Expires?

Customers are charged a cancellation fee and receive a pro-rated reimbursement, if they qualify, excluding agency fees and finance fees.

How Much Car Insurance Do I Need?

Under Illinois state law, you are only required to have liability insurance. You can obtain additional coverage through an insurance provider. However, you’re not always legally required to. Laws like this can vary by state.

Does My Car Insurance Cover Other Drivers?

This depends on your personal car insurance policy. So, the best way to ensure a driver has protection under your car insurance is to list them on your policy.

Does Car Insurance Cover Rental Cars?

Comprehensive and collision coverage extends to rental cars.

Can I Get Car Insurance If I Do Not Own A Car?

Yes, Insurance Navy offers non-owner car insurance policies.

What Happens If I Hit My Own Car?

If you have collision coverage, it will pay for the repairs. But, if you do not, you will have to pay for the repairs out of pocket.

Am I Covered If I Drive Outside Of The Country?

Car insurance policies issued in the United States usually extend into Canada. For other countries, you will have to purchase international vehicle insurance.

Does Auto Insurance Cover Theft?

Yes, but not all policies do. Only comprehensive coverage covers theft. Your insurance company will pay the value of your car, up to its limit.

What Does Full Coverage Mean?

What a full coverage policy includes varies by the insurance company. But, it usually means comprehensive and collision coverage.

Do I Need To Start A New Policy To Add A Driver Or Vehicle?

No, you don’t have to start a brand new policy to accomplish this. If you’d like to add a driver or vehicle to your insurance coverage, you simply have to update your current policy.

I Want To Change My Car Insurance Coverage. When Can I Make Changes To My Policy?

You can make changes to your car insurance policy at any time.

How Long Does Car Insurance Last?

Auto insurance terms are 6 or 12 months.

Can I Buy Insurance In One State Even Though I Live In Another?

No, you can only purchase insurance where the car is located.

What Is Permissive Use?

Permissive use is allowing a person that is not listed on your insurance policy or a member of your household to use your car.

How Can I Make Payments?

We have a bevy of ways to complete a payment because we care about your comfort and convenience. Insurance Navy offers the following payment options:

  • Online.
  • Mobile App.
  • Phone.
  • Automatic Payments.
  • Mail.

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