An accident is probably not an experience you or your bank account want to have, but some dishonest drivers will intentionally cause accidents to make illegal car insurance claims. The best way to protect yourself from these staged car accidents and common scams is to be a prepared, alert driver.

The more information you have, the better your chances are of proving a scam. Be extra vigilant of how people act before and after the police arrive.

Here are a few staged car accidents and scams to watch out for:


This scam is pretty straightforward. The driver in front of the victim will slam their brakes for no reason, leaving you with no time to panic stop. Therefore, avoid this scam by leaving plenty of space between you and the car in front of you & by never tailgating.


In this scam, the scammer will give you a wave, signaling that they are letting you into their lane. Once you try entering their lane, they will speed up and cause a collision. When the accident is reported to the police and insurance, they will claim there was no hand gesture.

There’s a vice-versa scenario of this referred to as a “swoop and squat” accident. This is when the scammer pulls their car in front of you and slams their brakes, giving you inefficient time to safely brake before colliding.


The scammer will wait until you make a legal turn from the left turn lane and enter the intersection. He or she will speed up to T-bone your car. Some will even have fake witnesses ready to give their statements when the police arrive.


Dishonest people in a staged or legitimate car crash can also report fake injuries to collect insurance settlements.

If you have any fraud information, report it to the National Insurance Crime Bureau by:

1. Sending the text message “FRAUD” to TIP411.

2. Making a phone call to 800.Tel.NICB.

       3.  Submitting a report online

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