Car Air Filters: A Guide To Keeping Your Car Running Smooth

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Much like affordable car insurance, an air filter is an essential component of your car. It ensures clean air reaches the gas in your car to make your motor function properly. You should clean your filter every 15,000 miles, however, that all depends on your  daily driving habits.
If you find yourself driving on dirt roads more often than normal roads, you’ll have to get your filter checked more often. When you go in for your routine oil change, which should be every 3,000 miles, have them check the quality of your filter as well.

The 4 Types Of  Car Air Filters

Paper Filters

Nowadays, paper filters are the most commonly used type of car air filter. They are a very easy type of filter to clean and replace, but it must be cleaned more frequently than some of the other air filters.

Oil Bath Filters

Before the paper filter arrived in the 1960s, this was the most common type of car filter. Due to the messy changing process, these types of filters have fallen out of popularity. 

High Performance Filters

This type of filter is pricier than most other car filters and can be purchased from specialty dealers. It’s a popular filter amongst sports car drivers, or those seeking maximum engine power from their vehicle.

Foam Filters

This type of filter is common for drivers who participate in off-road motor vehicle driving.

How To Spot The Signs Of A Dirty Air Filter

Decreased Gas Mileage 
Ignition Issues
Discolored Filter

How To Clean Filters

Remove Your Car’s Air Filter

If you’re unsure of where your car’s air filter is, locate your vehicle’s manual. It’s location should be listed somewhere inside.

Use Either A Vacuum Or A Cleaning Solution

There are different methods to cleaning a car’s air filter, one of which being with a vacuum, the other being the aid of a water/soap solution.

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Cleaning With A Vacuum

Apply its hose attachment

Run the vacuum along both sides of the filter for one minute each to remove the gunk & grime clinging to it. 

Hold it up to a bright light to make sure all dirt has been removed. If not, do the process until it is.   

Prepare a dry towel to place it on. 

Don’t place the filter back into your car until it has completely dried. 

If You Clean With A Liquid Solution

Use a bucket.

Fill it with a soap/water solution.

Take your filter and swish around in the solution, dunk it, shake it, do anything you can to carefully remove the grime attached to your filter.

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