How To Boost Your Cars Value


What’s the importance of a clean car? Not much if you don’t mind the mess but if you’re thinking of selling your vehicle, better get ready to clean and do some touchups.

Depending on the situation, a clean and well kept car at the time of the sale could earn you an extra $300-$500 by just doing some simple work yourself. And on top of that, you may even be able to earn more, in some cases nearly $2,000 more by doing some cleaning and minor repairs and replacements. There are easy ways to make sure you get the most out of your car’s sale and help you earn a little more. Here are a few of these tips.

Give the car a good wash, not just take it to the local car wash. Get some auto cleaning products and make your old car shine again, really scrub hard and make it pop. Same goes for the tires, get the four wheels sparking and looking new, as this is judged right away by the potential buyer and can make a huge difference.

Another big tip is getting some new, bright lights installed. Bright lighting just comes off as something being newer compared to dim lighting, which makes it look old and outdated. New lights will help further your vehicle’s value and allow it to pop more. The better your car looks, the more money you will likely make.

Clean your car from the inside as well. Go over every inch with a heavy vacuum, clean under and on top of the seats. Consider getting new floor mats as well if yours are faded or ripped. Giving the inside of the car a nice and through clean will up the value.

Throw an air freshener inside and make sure there are no warning lights on the dashboard, both make you look better and more professional in the eyes of the potential buyer.

If you are really serious about the makeover, take the car to get any scratches or dents repaired. Even if they are small, you still want to get the most value out of your car, this makes a big difference especially depending on how old or new your vehicle already is.

All these tips can help you when you sell your car, allowing you to earn a little extra money. With some simple work and cleaning, you can make your old car feel brand new again, making the selling process easier and helping earn more for yourself. Regardless if your car is new or old, having the right auto insurance plan is key to keeping yourself safe while on the road driving. There are many great and affordable auto insurance plans throughout the Chicagoland area.


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