Baseball Making a Comeback

Cubs are having their first home game this July

Baseball is making a comeback to finish off the season at the end of July. The MLB commissioner states that the first game will be on July 23rd or 24th. Because of the restrictions from COVID-19, new rules are established for the season to protect the players, coaching staff, and members from the media. 

Safety First! 

The season will only be 60 games instead of the usual 162-game season. This is the shortest season since the 1870s. Teams have the opportunity to play 40 of the games with teams in their division and have 20 games for other regional leagues. During the upcoming season, every player and coach will be tested for COVID-19 consistently. Masks are mandatory for any staff member in the dugout or bullpen.

How can fans enjoy the games?

Fans are not allowed in the stands, but can cheer for their teams on TV and restaurants. This was one of the toughest concerns when trying to save the 2020 MLB season. Some MLB owners are fearful for the massive loss of revenue for teams. In order to have a successful comeback for baseball, but the main focus is preventing another outbreak.

What’s Next for the Cubs Season? 

The Cubs are excited to announce their first opener for the 2020 baseball season. The first game will be on the 25th of July against the Brewers at Wrigley Field. It seems as though an old Chicago tradition has created a loop-hole for the MLB guidelines. Wrigley Field differs from a lot of other stadiums because of the neighboring rooftops. The old buildings provide a live view of the games. Rooftops are opening up to allow fans to watch the games while still taking precautions. The neighboring rooftops offer tickets to watch the upcoming game at 25% capacity.

If you decide to watch the game from home, your local sports bar or on a rooftop, remember to practice the guidelines set for Phase 4. Here at Insurance Navy, we hope everyone enjoys the upcoming MLB season and stays safe.