Roadside assistance is a service that helps drivers when their car breaks down on the road. However, most basic plans do not include roadside assistance. Drivers who want this extra protection have to pay additional charges.

Insurance providers team up with businesses that provide roadside assistance services, have their own professionals or use a combination of both. If you are in a situation where you need this assistance, call Insurance Navy and we will dispatch the team closest to you.

So, what does roadside assistance include?

Towing And Extraction Services

If roadside assistance technicians cannot get a car up and running again, roadside assistance will tow the car to a repair shop up to a certain amount of miles listed in the policy. After that, if your repair shop is further than the allowed miles, there will be an additional charge. If your car is stuck in a ditch, mud or snow, roadside extraction technicians will come to the scene. If they are unable to free the car, they may call a tow truck to help.

Jump-Start Services

If a car battery dies out, roadside assistance also provides jump-start services to get the car started. If your car is in a crowded parking lot, it may be faster to have someone nearby jump-start your car. However, if you are in a remote location or along the expressway, it is unlikely anyone will stop to lend you a hand. If this happens, roadside assistance is there to help.

Flat Tire Changes

A recent AAA survey found that 20% of drivers do not know how to change a flat tire. Even if a driver does know how to change a flat, 28% of cars sold today do not come equipped with a spare tire. Spare tires were eliminated in some make and models to reduce weight and improve fuel economy.

With roadside assistance, a technician will come to your location to replace a flat tire. But, roadside assistance for cars usually does not cover motorcycles.

Lockout Services

Under lockout services, a technician will help a driver gain entry to their vehicle using a pump wedge or a long reach tool, typically referred to as a slim Jim. If these methods are not successful, the roadside technician will call a locksmith. Locksmith services may not be covered or only be partially covered under roadside assistance, depending on your insurance provider.

Fuel Delivery

If you run out of gas while driving, roadside assistance has you covered. A technician will fill up your car with enough gas to get you to the nearest gas station. Some companies charge for gas and go off the pump price in the area.

Should I Invest In Roadside Assistance?

If you travel long distances regularly or are not mechanically inclined, roadside assistance may be worth the additional cost. According to Angie’s List, the average tow costs $109. Also, take into consideration the age of your car. If you drive a newer car, your car manufacturer may have complimentary emergency roadside services.

More Information

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*Please review your own policy carefully for details on roadside assistance. Roadside assistance coverage will vary by insurance company.